How to Style Textured Layers in Medium Hair

If your long, straight hair tends to cover up your face, consider opting for a textured layer cut. Have your hairdresser feather the hair around the jawline to appear airier.

Layered balayage styles can breathe new life into your brown strands by emphasizing their color gradient while thickening and enriching them.

Long Layers

An effortless, feminine look is made easy with a medium-length layered cut and blonde balayage. This color option highlights your layers for an airy finish and flattering any wavy locks. A layered cut with blunt bangs completes this romantic style by concealing large foreheads while elongating face shapes.

Layers add dimension and soften features in any hair length, whether long or short. With frame framing layers for long locks, frame framing layers will soften facial features while adding volume and softening features of your parts.

Layers are ideal for thick or curly locks, helping reduce bulk and add movement. Choppy, wavy layers add visual interest to beach waves and uniquely charm your texture.

Middle-parted Layers

This charming layered hairstyle works beautifully on medium-wavy hair. The layers begin around your face and blend seamlessly into the waves for an aesthetically pleasing result. Pair this style with long curtain bangs to accentuate both eyes and cheekbones!

Add some color to your layered haircut for added visual interest. Try using balayage to add striking blonde highlights that give dark locks a radiant shine, making your medium-length layered hairstyle pop!

Make an impressionful statement with a center-parted bob that features face-framing layers that begin at the jawline for an eye-catching style that complements round face shapes perfectly. Easy to manage using only a blow dryer and texturizing spray, you can tame wavy hair by adding hairspray for smooth results.

Staggered Layers

For women with thick, wavy locks and lots of texture, have your stylist cut dramatically staggered layers that create more defined styles. This is ideal if they flip their locks to one side since each layer’s length varies, making each less heavy.

Even straight hair can benefit from adding softly textured layers, which remove weighted strands for an airy feel. Ask your stylist for face-framing layers that will brighten and soften your locks for the ultimate relaxation and lightness.

Layers are an ideal style to suit all hair textures, helping reduce blow-drying time significantly. This versatile look can be worn in sleek and slicked-back styles, perfect for women wanting to add structure or movement to their locks.

Two-tier Layers

Layers add movement and volume to medium hairstyles, looking beautiful with all hair textures. Thin or delicate locks work best with some face-framing grades to maintain density; thick locks may benefit from allover layering with apparent disconnection between each section to lighten them and make them easier to manage.

Wavy hair pairs well with layered cuts, especially those starting just above the jawline, for an understated yet striking effect. Wear it either styled with a deep side part for an elegant appearance or tousled up for a beachy vibe!

Curly hair may be challenging to manage, but you can achieve an attractive and flattering style by having your stylist add short layers around your face. This will reduce weight by creating more bounce in each strand as they form rings without being burdened down by excess volume.

Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are an exciting take on layering that creates light, wispy ends that reduce bulk. Farrah Fawcett made feathered layers famous with her feathered do. At the same time, Jennifer Aniston used this style in her Rachel cut for her Rachel cut look – both feature this style, which works exceptionally well on curlier locks but can look just as great on straighter locks.

Engage a stylist in creating this look of soft layers beginning at your face and flowing into side tresses to frame it. Add bangs for an effortless, trendy style.

Use a texturizing spray to achieve a medium-length layered haircut with feathered layers that suit your hair texture. Next, brush through each layer using a round brush for an effortlessly polished yet casual style.