Super Short Haircuts For Men

Men looking to make a statement with their hair have several options at their disposal; from the butch cut to a regulation style, there’s sure to be something suitable.

For an understated look, try a taper fade. This style fuses together the sides and top to achieve an elegant, sophisticated appearance suitable for many events and situations.

The Buzz Cut Fade

A buzz cut with a fade is one of the most eye-catching looks you can achieve. To achieve it, both sides should be razored down to zero or completely shaven, while your top hairline should remain slightly longer (about two guard sizes longer than usual). This creates contrast and ensures an elegant, stylish appearance that’s sure to draw people in.

This style works best on men with oval or rectangular face shapes, and can be customized to your taste with or without beards.

For something extra personalized, ask your barber for a temple or mid-fade. This subtle length difference suits all face shapes while its higher fade option can help make square faces seem smaller by decreasing head size.

The Tapered French Crop

The French crop is an ideal haircut for men with thick locks as it creates volume and weight in their locks. Pairing this look with a medium fade undercut and choppy fringe creates a classic yet contemporary style, which works particularly well when worn alongside scruffy beards.

To add texture, ask your barber about adding some choppy layers at the top or feathered fringe feathering – these options should make this cut more distinctive and make you stand out.

This style works well for men of all face shapes, but is particularly complimentary on oval faces. Men with longer or rectangular facial features should allow a bit more length on either side to balance their features. Furthermore, this cut works best on men who have thick hair with either straight, wavy, or curly styles that add character and contrast against the fading skin fade on his back and sides.

The Long Tapered Top

A classic taper haircut with some rugged sexiness, this style features short sides paired with longer locks that tapers up towards the crown of the head. Low maintenance styling that looks great when hard parted or styled back with high shine product is used, this look requires very minimal care to keep looking its best!

Pair a taper cut with a skin fade for an eye-catching ensemble. This style begins low and close to your ears before gradually shortening towards the crown of your head, giving structure and balance to your cut while also helping your face shape to shine through.

Skin fades can also work wonders if you have naturally wavy locks and want to showcase its texture. Add a braid-out for extra styling options or utilize flexible rods as part of the design part for even greater control of styling options.

The Bald Fade

The bald fade is an elegant and versatile haircut style, suitable for most hair types and face shapes. It adds contrast, creating depth with side parts, slick backs, quiffs, or textured top sections – and is often chosen by men looking to project an image of sophistication and polish.

For this style, it’s essential that communication with your barber and providing reference images are open. This allows them to understand your desired look and design a bespoke cut that suits you perfectly.

A bald fade haircut is an ultra-stylish and versatile style every stylish man should consider for their haircut. It can be enhanced by using various pomades, waxes, and gels in styling techniques such as pomades.