Edgar Model – Super Short Haircuts For Men

If you are not a fan of super-short haircuts, you may want to consider the crew cut. This style has become very popular among men worldwide, but is suited to only the most edgy man. The crew cut features a square shape with a low fade. This type of cut should be dyed or bleached. It is also recommended to tone the hair with purple shampoo. This type of haircut is very masculine and can be seen on many different men.

One of the most popular styles for men is the super short haircut. The resulting style is a clean square cut, with sides and top that are cropped. For an eye-catching look, try to contrast a high skin fade at the sides with a long top. This style is also very low maintenance. It can be achieved by shaving or waxing the hair. For more information on super short haircuts for men, read on.

Super Short haircuts For Men


A high and tight fade is a sleek and modern haircut that can be worn by any guy. The cut requires minimal styling time and is great for all hair textures. The asymmetrical bang gives the hair an eye-catching look and draws attention to the eyes. The impact of the cut depends on the styling technique used. Some men prefer the classic angled look while others go for an asymmetrical look. Whatever your style preference, this haircut is sure to suit you perfectly.