How to Add Subtle Rose Gold Blonde Hair to Your Look

Rose gold blonde hair has quickly become a must-have trend in 2019. Its shimmering metallic hue perfectly compliments multiple skin tones.

Pale Blonde Locks for Perfect Canvas

If you’re a blonde, a soft rose gold hue can add a splash of spring to your locks and is an excellent alternative to classic platinum tones. Less pre-lightening may be needed for pale blonde locks, and the light pink hue blends seamlessly into their natural color.

Rose Gold Hair with Dark Roots

Dark hair tones can still rock the rose gold trend! Your stylist can create an understated rose gold balayage by lightening only the ends and keeping your natural roots dark. This helps maintain the beautiful hue longer and prevents peachier shades from fading quickly. An elegant rose gold pixie cut with a sideways fishtail braid is great for showing off your new look.

Rose Gold Highlights for Warm Tones

If you have warm golden locks already, try adding rose gold highlights for subtle yet natural pink tones. This way, you won’t need to bleach your entire head. Brunettes can also sport rose gold highlights but should be cautious not to overdo it. A subtle combination of light brown and rose gold highlights will provide the best balance.

Rose Gold Ends for Light Blonde Locks

Adding rose gold hues to light blonde locks is effortless, but it may take multiple bleach sessions for darker blonde or brown locks with darker bases. Soft pastel pink highlights add dimension, while a subtle rosy pink tone contrasts perfectly with warm golden blonde undertones.

Rose Gold Pixie Cut with Minimal Upkeep

Rose gold hair can look its best with a pixie cut and subtle pink highlights. This look is fun and striking and requires minimal upkeep with regular touch-ups to keep it looking fresh. Dark blonde girls can also enjoy the pastel rose gold trend with a balayage technique blending magenta pink and light rose gold streaks with blonde strands.

Rose Gold Choppy shortcut with Baby Bangs

A choppy short cut with baby bangs is an elegant way to show off rose gold hair color. It has low maintenance requirements since only the ends are lightened. Brunettes can put their spin on the rose gold hair color trend with a pixie haircut and baby bangs, creating an eye-catching contrast with darker roots and lighter blonde highlights.

Rose Gold Corkscrew Curls for Wavy Hair

Rose gold ombre is a way to lighten your locks without going all-out blonde. It requires lightening just the ends, making it easier to grow out. Styling rose gold corkscrew curls into your blonde locks, especially if you have wavy hair, can emphasize your face shape. Proper care, such as regular deep conditioning treatments and limited heat usage, can increase the lasting power of pastel hues.