Add Sophistication to Your Brown Hair With Subtle Highlights

Brown hair is beautiful on its own, but consider adding subtle highlights for an added boost of sophistication and an updated look. These thin streaks add dimension and lighten your shade naturally while framing your face beautifully.

Consider opting for a soft ombre highlight (somber in French) for a seamless look. Or choose foil-age as another method where your stylist uses foil to add extra highlights.

Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut brown highlights can be an excellent choice as they’re not as dark as black and can complement all blonde shades. A subtle balayage with chestnut brown highlights can gently frame your face without needing frequent touchups, making this an easy and convenient solution.

Create an eye-catching color transformation by opting for an elaborate ombre with chestnut brown highlights fading into platinum blonde at the tips. This look looks fabulous on any length and will energize any complexion with its warm undertones.

Baby Pink Highlights

Pink hair highlights are an eye-catching style that will catch people’s attention. They work exceptionally well if your natural tresses are dark brown, as the pink highlights won’t stand out too dramatically against your natural hue.

Pastel pink shades such as powder, bubblegum, and candy floss hues can work for light and dark skin tones, making them suitable for lighter blonde tones.

Test out this ombre highlight technique on pink and brown hair to achieve stunning color effects. An ashy brown base gradually transitions into a Mountbatten pink shade for an eye-catching result.

One unique way of adding pink highlights to your hair is with rose gold color combinations. This helps balance out the pink highlights and create stunning color contrast.

Rose Gold Highlights

Brunettes with naturally darker hair will find that a cool-toned rose gold shade looks beautiful and natural. Your colorist can apply a balayage or babylights technique and tone the roots for a seamless dark-to-light transition.

If a full-on rose gold ombre is too dramatic for you, try going for a more subdued version: rose brown balayage is an equally stunning gradient effect and still provides beautiful gradient effects.

Add subtle pops of pink with subtle highlights strewn throughout your strands for an understated touch of color without oversaturating your mane with this trend.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Strawberry blonde hair color works beautifully in any hair style and texture, from curly locks to sleek, straight hair. Additionally, this shade complements various skin tones perfectly.

Try this stunning strawberry blonde look with pink and copper highlights for an eye-catching medley of colors that will give your bob hair a vibrant, fresh look and pair beautifully with middle parting and curls.

Strawberry blonde balayage is genuinely spectacular. Its combination of red and blonde tones creates an exquisite harmony, from rich, warm hues that melt into an eye-catching pale gold shade that will draw focus to its model’s beautiful skin tone.

Red Highlights

Red highlights make an elegant statement in brown hair, creating warm dimensions. Whether you are naturally redheaded or want to experiment with vibrant hues without dyeing your entire head, a bleach-and-semipermanent color like the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Burgundy will last four to ten shampoos and fade gradually for a subtler effect.

Dark brunettes can take advantage of this trend by asking their stylist to create lowlights that add shadowy depth and allow the lighter ribbons of highlights to stand out more. Select shades that work well with your skin tone for optimal results, then keep maintenance to a minimum with regular glossing treatments.

Medium Brown Highlights

Dark brown hair looks gorgeous with warm tones such as caramel and golden blonde highlights, yet there’s a misconception that highlights must be lighter than your natural shade to look natural and require less maintenance than darker tones. Very light highlights may look unnatural and require more upkeep than darker tones.

Medium brown highlights offer a natural-looking change. This vibrant hue pairs beautifully with chocolate brown tones for a sophisticated touch.

Cool-toned ashy brown highlights create a stunning root melt effect when applied using balayage, as they blend seamlessly with their hair.