Sky Blue hair Dye For World of Warcraft

The Sky Blue hair Dye is an item that is available to purchase as part of Character Customization. This color provides a permanent option for hair dye. It can be purchased from Johnathan. However, the item will not be displayed in the main inventory window. You will need to visit Johnathan to purchase the item. This article will explain how to use it and how to mix it with other hair colors to get the perfect result. If you have dark hair, you can use this color to make your hair look even bluer.

Crazy Color Sky Blue is our brightest blue pigment


For a deep, vivid blue color, try the sky blue pigment from Crazy Color. This intensely bright blue is a perfect primary shade for pale to platinum blonde hair. The intense blue pigment is created at Oregon State University, where it was discovered by Professor Mas Subramanian. It is a combination of Yttrium, Indium, Manganese and Oxygen. It is used in many products, including nail polish.

It gives a subtle tint to dark hair


The most popular shades for sky blue hair are light, medium, and dark. Depending on your hair’s current color, you can choose from a wide selection of direct dye shades including Directions, Adore, Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, Special Effects, and Crazy Colour. Blue hair is best achieved when the hair is already light, as lighter hair picks up more blue pigment than darker hair.


A frosty blue shade is a great choice to brighten up your winter or summer look. A light shade of sky blue can also be used on silver-blonde hair to give it a celebratory look. A soft, celebratory shade of sky blue is best on fair-skinned women with peach blushes. This hair color is not permanent, so regular visits to the salon are necessary to ensure the colour stays in place.

It can mix with blue hair


If you’re a fan of blue hair, you’ve probably wondered if sky blue can mix with blue hair. After all, the two colours are not mutually exclusive – sky blue are both tones of blue. However, before you can get your hair to mix, you must first lighten it. You can do this by washing your hair in a color-safe shampoo. Afterward, you’ll need to use a blue hair dye.


The most obvious blue hair dye to try with sky-blue hair is royal blue, but it can also be paired with other colors. A frosty shade of blue is a great way to brighten up winter, and ice blue is a nice choice to add sparkles to silver blonde hair. To keep your look celebratory and soft, choose a subtle sky-blue shade, such as ice blue. The combination looks best on fair-skinned women, with peach blushes or fair skintones.

It is a commitment


Having sky blue hair is a great look, but it’s a big commitment. While this colour can last for years, it fades quickly. So if you’re considering it, you should make sure you’re completely certain that blue is a colour you’ll like. Also, plan to keep it for at least a year. Blue hair is not for everyone. It’s certainly not a look you’ll be able to rock for the rest of your life.