Side Part For Receding hairline – Edgar Model

For men with receding hairline, a side part is the perfect solution. This type of style allows for a more natural look, while also concealing the area. For maximum coverage, try to part that in the middle, leaving that at the side. To add extra style points, play with the texture and the waves. These styles are great for men with receding areas in the front of the head.


A side part for receding hairline is an old-fashioned cut that will give your look a fresh look. This part is more natural and allows you to keep that off your face. It can also be used to hide the hairline on the top of your head. There are many ways to style a receding hairline. Follow these tips to make your style last longer. This article contains more information about how to get a sexy side part.

Blue Anime Model – How to Cover Up a Receding hairline With a Side Part


A receding hairline can be disguised with a side part, which makes hair appear thicker and more buoyant. This style is popular with celebrities, and has inspired some unique trends. While this type of style is not for everyone, it does offer a variety of benefits. Here are some examples of ways to pull it off: Let’s take a look at two celebrity examples. One is actress and singer Jose Phoenix, who opted for this style.