How to Style Short Curly Hair

Natural curls bring feminine appeal to any short hairstyle. Pairing them with a bald fade makes for a stunning combination that is eye-catching from every direction. Use an edge control product to tuck any loose pieces away neatly.

Simple Ponytail

A classic ponytail hairstyle, the simple ponytail can quickly transform any look for any special event or casual get-together. Curly hair can be challenging to keep looking tidy, so having some styling hacks available to reduce frizz is vital for creating an effortless style – using dry shampoo and flexible hold hairspray may help achieve that effortless effect.

If you feel more feminine, try styling your strands into an adorable ponytail. Combine and divide your locks into two sections before wrapping one around the base of your ponytail with an elastic. Secure with bobby pins before finishing off with hairspray for the finishing touch! Add drama to this look by teasing the crown to give it fuller volume, or try wearing a scrunchie like Lupita Nyongo on the red carpet for an edgier aesthetic.

Loose Curls

Loose curls for short curly hair can be an easy and elegant way to show off your locks without spending hours styling them. This look suits all face shapes and hair types – from pixie cuts to tapered bobs! To achieve this style, use a curling wand on larger sections of hair for 5-10 seconds, then gently pull apart to reveal loose, playful coils.

Color accents can make your curls even more striking, whether subtle (such as this auburn bob) or bold with contrasted hues. This short, curly hairstyle is ideal for feeling feminine and seductive. Wear it for formal events or to feel more at ease; this will take your looks to new heights!

A Bob with Bangs

A bob is an attractive style at any length, but adding bangs elevates it even further. From full fringes that obscure your forehead to lighter, more wavy styles, charges can enhance any bob style in numerous ways.

This feminine Farrah Fawcett-inspired bob features soft ringlet curls and blunt bangs, creating an alluring feminine style. The short, slightly angled cut creates an eye-catching face-framing effect for any facial structure.

For an effortless low-maintenance hairstyle, try opting for a chin-length layered bob with wispy bangs and texturizer in the morning to help hold its shape without needing a lot of heat styling. Layers and tapering may also add structure, while loose ringlets and blunt bangs make it fun and flirty, while the layered length provides volume. This look works beautifully, no matter the season!

A Curly Fade

Curly hair is an elegant style, but can require some work to maintain. For an easy way to keep it looking its best, a fade haircut is needed – this look will accentuate those curls on top while adding some drama and dimension to your style. A faded haircut is especially suitable for men who want to highlight their circles while maintaining an attractive appearance.

A faded haircut is a timeless and versatile style, suitable for all hair textures. However, curly locks significantly benefit from this look, as the sides and back hair are kept shorter to emphasize your curls while creating a striking contrast with their curls. Additionally, adding a beard or stubble adds another level of texture.

Choose a low or high fade for this style, and add shadow fading for an enhanced effect. A beard or stubble will balance out this faded look; use pomade or other products to give your locks an uncluttered, finished appearance.