Short Male Haircuts For Men

Men’s short haircuts offer many advantages, including less hair product usage for styling and no perspiration issues associated with long locks.

High and Tight

High and tight haircuts for men are a military-inspired style that exudes masculinity without effort. Combining a high skin fade with a straight hairline on top creates an eye-catching style suitable for all sorts of styles, from casual to formal settings. Barbers can enhance this style with accents like a lineup, hard part, or hair design. Texturizing clay or paste for piecey effects or salt spray for more of a grunge look are great ways to give the style texture, making this the ideal style choice in any situation.

Spiky Sides

Not all men think spikes are messy and unruly, as evidenced by this short spiky hairstyle. Ask your barber to leave enough hair on the sides to create medium-sized points with a razor-hard part pattern on top to achieve it. If you like the classic pompadour haircut but want something textured and stylish, this style may suit you. This cut features an elevated appearance for added dimension and definition, featuring a taper fade on the sides and neatly shaded spiky locks shaped by some pomade. To achieve the perfect spiky haircut, start with clean and slightly damp hair and work product through it; focus it on areas you wish to spike up with fingers or comb/brush spike up those sections upward.

Gray Hair

Grey hair can be styled in several ways to keep you on-trend, from long and sleek styles like former Spice Girl Mel B’s dapper gray crew cut that looks both timeless and modern, all the way down to easy maintenance options for regular grey-haired users. Sibley Scoles proves that platinum-gray pixies can still be feminine and fashionable. Her dark roots blend effortlessly into her colorful strands for an eye-catching effect that requires minimal upkeep. If you prefer something less daring, a simple grey slicked-back look like this can also look very dapper and can easily be achieved by applying some pomade to the ends.


A classic pompadour style features a hairline that gradually decreases in height and volume from the sides of your head to the top, where it becomes more prominent. This look works exceptionally well on men with thicker or coarser locks; however, finer or thinner locks may work, too, if combed upward with pomade to give structure to this classic pompadour look. Madame de Pompadour popularized the style, making it a must-have haircut among gents looking to make an impression statement with their regard. Square face shapes should take caution that their pomp narrows their forehead only a little, while those with oval or long faces should avoid styles too tall as this can further lengthen the face.

Textured Crop

Men with receding hairlines can use this style to conceal their thinning locks while still looking innovative and trendy. The fringe can be tailored to each individual’s hairline and works for curly and straight locks. This modern twist on the classic French crop features a high taper and fade, which creates a clean look ideal for those wanting short, but un-buzzed styles. Additionally, its texturized top adds plenty of personality, allowing guys to wear luxurious pompadours or any other bold styles on top. Push-up men’s hairstyles look great when combined with short beards or full coarse moustaches, and low skin fades for a refined appearance.