Top 5 Short Kids Boys Haircuts

Spiky Hairdos

Spiky hairdos for your child will help frame his face, showing off his charming eyes and round cheeks. Maintaining this style requires only some strong hold gel.


The pompadour haircut is one of the most incredible short styles for boys. This textured cut can be styled using hair wax or pomade to add volume and texture, working well with most face shapes. Select from high, medium, or low skin fade options depending on your child’s facial structure.

French Crop

French crop haircuts are perfect for kids with thick and slightly wavy locks who want something fashionable that requires minimal product (gel or hairspray). This hairstyle is also ideal for children with receding hairlines, helping to cover them up and give your child an additional dapper appearance.

Short Fade

A faded haircut can add an edge to your son’s look while providing a volume and thickness illusion—an excellent choice for boys with thicker locks. If your son has longer locks on top, a mohawk cut may be an ideal style to consider. This combination between faux hawk and quiff can easily be created using some pomade or gel for easy maintenance.

Shortened Curls

Your child might prefer their locks a bit messy, and this style is an adorable way to show it. Additionally, it keeps their locks manageable while looking neat and stylish simultaneously! If your boy still needs to get long enough hair for a mohawk or fade haircut, try this fun faux hawk style that starts wide at the top before gradually tapers to form a V in the center. This look will emphasize his beautiful eyes and adorable cheeks!

Side Part

The side-part haircut has become popular with modernized interpretations of this timeless style. This toddler boy hairstyle looks fantastic when worn by boys with short scissored sides and a longer top that combs back over or in front of their eyes. This look can be styled using just a tiny amount of pomade for an effortlessly sleek finish or left messy for casual occasions. Thick hair may be styled upward into a faux hawk for added rebellion!

Long and Layered

Boys with longer locks will appreciate this in-between look for their hair. It features length and volume on top for a more mature appearance that will help him stand out at school or when participating in sports activities. This haircut is easy to maintain and perfect for kids with straight, fine hair. A number two clipper head should be used on the sides and back; then, switch out for number three on top for added style and character. A tricky part can further customize this style! This low-maintenance style resembles the pompadour in appearance but requires less upkeep. It features shorter sides and back layers while leaving long lengths at the top for styling with loose-hold gel to create signature peaks.