Edgar hair Cut Design For Long Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, then a short haircut with a shaggy lob can add a bit of volume to your top. A square face, on the other hand, looks better with a long haircut. For long faces, a shorter style with side-swept bangs is a good choice. It will give you more volume on the top without making your face appear too round or square.


If you have a long face, it’s best to have short hair that adds volume in the back. The shorter that is, the more dramatic it will look. You can also choose a shaggy lob, which will make your long face appear oval. To add extra volume to your head, use a flat iron and blow-dry it with a brush. To keep it out of your face, try using pomade, oil, or mousse.

Blue Anime Model For Short hair Face Shapes


Whether you have an oval face shape or a square one, a short hair face shape will look best on you. A square face shape can benefit from an undercut, which will soften your jawline and make your face look wider. A rounded face may benefit from a blunt bob or a layered style. Whatever you choose, make sure it will flatter your face’s shape. It’s also a good idea to consider your skin tone, because long hair will tend to cover up facial wrinkles.

Boys hair Cut Pictures For Face Shape


Depending on your face shape, there are certain kinds of short designs that will flatter your face. For example, if your face is round, you should choose a pixie or a lob. Long faces are best suited to a bob. The sleekness of the cut will elongate the face. If you have an oval face, try a pixie, which is a shoulder-length style that adds volume to your face without going too short.