Hairstyles That Flatter Face Shapes

If you’re nervous about cutting your hair short, knowing which styles will complement your face shape can help put your mind at ease. Aim to find one with an equal balance between a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and delicate chin (think Victoria Beckham’s bob).

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces benefit from having a chin-length bob with side-swept bangs. This face-framing piece can create angled lines to soften the circularity of their foreheads and cheeks.

Round Faces

Round face shapes can try a choppy bob or short shag with layered fringes like Brigitte Bardot’s signature look. Side-swept bangs will elongate the features. Consider a headband dutch braid or trendy pixie with a side-swept edge for something edgier.

Oblong Faces

Diamond face shapes like Bella Hadid or Taylor Swift can try short hairstyles to widen out the forehead area and create balance. A chin-length bob or an angled, textured pixie are among the many great styles for this effect.

With wider foreheads and narrower jawlines, Pear-shaped faces can consider longer styles with side-swept bangs to add weight to the forehead and soften the cheekbones. Alternatively, wavy or textured chin-length bobs with center parts may work. Shorter front sections might be ideal for this facial structure.

Square Faces

Chiseled jawlines, broad foreheads, and strong cheekbones define square face shapes. To soften these harsh facial lines, a bob with long layers that fall past the chin can create a rounded shape. Adding a deep side part can provide more excellent elongation. Opt for bangs that end before the eyebrows to elongate the forehead and reduce its broadness.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces feature broad foreheads and wide cheekbones, tapering off toward narrow jawlines and chins. Short quiffs or faded undercuts can achieve balance by keeping the hair more straightforward on the sides and back. Longer styles like wavy lobs or piecey pixie cuts also work. Bangs can add interest and balance but should not be heavy or swept back.

Oval Faces

Oval faces have perfectly balanced features and can pull off almost any style. Short, straight haircuts with long layers that skim the forehead and chin are recommended. Hairstyles with slightly higher crowns can emphasize elongated cheekbones. Short, straight cuts with face-skimming layers also look amazing and add length.

Triangle Faces

Triangle face shapes have wide jawlines that taper towards the forehead. An updo with ample volume on top is recommended to balance out this bottom-heavy face shape. Avoid full bang styles covering the slimmest part of the forehead, as they only emphasize the wide jawline. Opt for a chin-length cut with light layers for maximum volume and coverage. Consider a classic blunt bob or an eye-catching tom-boy pixie cut for a modern and chic look, using volumizing spray to avoid a flat appearance.