Short hair Curly on Top – How to Pull Off the Edgar hair Cut Design Look

Having short hair curly on top is a great way to add some feminine style to your look. This style is equally as eye-catching from all angles and can be achieved with a variety of different styles. For instance, a short bob is ideal for girls with long or triangular faces, as it covers up the large forehead and provides enough fullness on the sides. You can also try a Tinker Bell style, or a vampy look if you have thick, wavy, or straight hair.

If you have short hair curly on top, you’re in luck. It’s very easy to pull off! Just add some extra volume and layers to your short tresses, and you’ll have the perfect style! You’ll also want to keep the sides of your curly hair medium-length or even shaved to showcase your texture. Here are a few tips to get the look you want!