Short Flippy Hairstyles

Short, flippy hairstyles are adorable and playful. Not only are they fashionable, but their volume adds drama – perfect for women wanting to showcase their individuality and show off their sense of style!

Pixie with Flipped Ends

Build an eye-catching style with a side-parted pixie, short, flipped ends, and lighter red highlights to contrast against your dark mane. Add volume by teasing hair up top before sealing it all with hairspray!

Choppy Pixie Cut with Wispy Side Bangs and Subtle Highlights

An exciting new way to wear short hair is popular among celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. This fairy has longer top and side layers than Dorothy Hamill’s original wedge cut, creating dynamic lines while remaining manageable with just a few sprays of texturizing hair mousse.

Bob, with Flipped Ends

An on-trend bob with flipped ends is an eye-catching style that complements vibrant hair colors beautifully. Try this chin-length blunt bob with its side parting and thick side bangs flipped upward for an eye-catching style!

Asymmetrical Flip Hairstyle with Waves

The Asymmetrical Flip is a darling hairstyle for women looking to add flair and playfulness. This style features a long bob haircut with slightly longer bangs flipped to one side of the face for an eye-catching, feminine style.

Low Curly Updo

Women with wavy or curly locks can try this chic low updo for an evening out, keeping strands loose along their faces and adding an adorable bow for extra style points.

Shaggy Flip Hairstyle

For an effortless, casual look, choose a shaggy flip haircut. Perfect for all hair textures but especially beneficial when styling thin locks.

Retro Flip Hairstyle with Volume

Retro flips add an air of vintage elegance to modern hairstyles. For a chic and elegant look, consider slicing back your locks like Clare Foy or using some hair gel to keep the style from stiffening too much.

Thinning hair with Flipped Ends

A flipped-out style will add volume and fullness if your hair is thin and delicate. A stylist can cut short shag haircuts with bangs that frame your face or feathered bobs that reach just past your collarbone for an elegant look; flowing curls also help give an illusion of fullness.

Retro Flip Hairstyle with Bangs

If you admire Rachel Green from Friends, this hairstyle could be perfect for you. Straighten your mane before adding soft flips for an authentic vintage vibe that still feels modern. A teeny flip hairstyle is ideal for framing your face and adding glamour and dimension to any look.