Short Curly Wavy Hairstyles

When your natural curls fall between bob and pixie cuts, try this stylish wavy style to conceal a large forehead while flattering narrow faces through its face-framing waves. Yara Shahidi’s voluminous lob proves that curly locks can look stunning without needing a blow dryer. Her round layers make it easy for thick, wavy locks to distribute their weight evenly across her head.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is one of the boldest and most eye-catching short wavy hairstyles. Its asymmetrical cut frames the face beautifully, drawing attention to its most beautiful features. Additionally, this style works well with a vast forehead, as it can help decrease its prominence. This chic and feminine pixie cut is ideal for women with curly or straight hair, whether their locks have been curled wavy or straightened. The choppy style highlights each curl, giving them a distinct textured finish reminiscent of Katie Holmes or Rihanna.

This style can also be sliced back like Katie’s or parted deep like Rihanna’s for added sophistication. If your client has fine hair, she could opt for a more tapered version of this haircut to create the illusion of thickness. She could also add volume by using volumizing mousses or dry texturizing sprays on top.

Blonde Curls

Blonde highlights add an eye-catching contrast against darker roots and coils and are the ideal way to lighten textured locks without damage or breakage. Consider choosing a warm blonde shade to complement your rich brown skin tone. If you decide to go lighter, ask your stylist to use a lower developer to keep your strands healthy during this process. Wear your blonde locks with messy curls that fall gracefully to your shoulders for an eye-catching style that captures attention. This look exudes youthfulness and confidence – and will draw the eye of everyone around. Additionally, it works beautifully when combined with side parts or bangs!

Teeny Weenie Afro

Teeny weeny afro (TWA) styles offer an adorable and effortless way to rock natural hair. Popular among women who big chop while transitioning, TWA styles require minimal upkeep for styling and are easy to manage. Add some zest to your TWA by coloring it! Doing this gives an edge that draws focus to your face, giving it a modern aesthetic and drawing more attention toward you and drawing out facial features. An effective way to add flair and dimension to your TWA is using flexi rods or curling pudding. By twisting out, you can achieve beautiful coils or achieve curlier looks for casual daywear. Or try styling it back sleek with gel for an eye-catching and stylish look; perfect for everyday wear!

Bob with Bangs

If you prefer Bob’s style but like something with more feminine appeal, consider opting for bangs to frame your face. A chin-length rounded bob with short curtain bangs adds feminine flare. If your bob looks a bit boyish, adding choppy layers can add texture and drama. Go super fast with this style to achieve a sleek and polished finish! For an effortless touch to your bob, try feathered wispy bangs. This style can work with any color from platinum blonde to dark brown hair; just be sure to trim them regularly to maintain a clean and fresh appearance – and adding fringe changes how you see your face shape, too.

Choppy Cut

A choppy cut is a fun way to add a contemporary style to classic haircuts. Choppy layers create an asymmetrical style for straight, curly, or fine textures; additional highlights and texturizing pomade can complete this look. This short bob is ideal for almost every face shape due to its long top layers, while its wispy near-curtain bangs add feminine charm, depth, and dimension. This neck-to-shoulder choppy layered style takes asymmetry to the next level, featuring longer pieces in front reaching the collarbone and shorter sections at the back angle forward for an edgy and fashionable appearance. Platinum blonde highlights add depth by framing dark roots to emphasize texture in its layers of texture.