Afro hairstyles For Short Curly Red hair

Afro hairstyles aren’t limited to red heads. A short red afro will compliment black skin perfectly. It can even play a role in face framing. The best choice for this style is a dark copper shade, because it will complement your skin tone and your eyebrows. The red ringlets and bangs make for a fierce combination, so a dark copper shade is ideal for this look.

asymmetrical bob


Asymmetrical bob for short curly hair is a great choice for curly hair with wide foreheads, because it can be styled to fit a variety of face shapes. This style allows for the nape to be left intact and the front part to be longer. This look can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire, depending on the length of your hair. The shorter front part and longer back will draw attention to the jawline and eyes, making it an attractive choice for curly red women.

Mod curly pixie with side bangs


Whether your hair is naturally red or is a shade of icy red, a shaved undercut curly pixie will boost your curl volume. The resulting icy purple hue is very eye-catching, but beware, this style is not for the faint of heart. A side-swept fringe with choppy layers will add a playful vibe and sassy attitude to your style.

wavy chestnut red bob


Adding a little bit of contrast highlights to short curly chestnut red hair can enhance the color’s jewel tone aspects. They are perfect for the spring and summer months. Chestnut red hair also looks great with honey highlights. A lob cut is a popular and universally flattering cut, and it can look great no matter what age you are. You can choose to cut the lob shorter or longer, depending on your preference.

Cinnamon red balayage


For short curly red hair, cinnamon is a gorgeous color. It has a rich, deep color that can be toned either more red or more brown depending on the lighting. This hue is also incredibly versatile and can look great in a variety of hairstyles. Actresses like Elizabeth Olsen have hair with a cinnamon hue, while Jessica Chastain is a well-known redhead who has warm red hair.

Copper balayage


If you’re bored with your old brown, black, and gray shades, consider a copper balayage for short curly red locks. This shade of red is a rich, natural look, perfect for the end of summer and beginning of fall. The contrast between copper and gold is subtle yet sultry, so you’re sure to turn heads. You can also add a twist to your style with beach waves and side bangs.

Golden blonde highlights


For low-maintenance yet vibrant results, golden blonde highlights are a great way to enhance your base color. You can achieve this look by highlighting your hair with either balayage or traditional highlighting techniques. This low-maintenance hair color is perfect for natural brunettes or those who are looking to spruce up their summer tans. Golden blonde balayage is the perfect choice for people who want a subtle look and do not want to make a major commitment to their hair color.

Dark brown lowlights


If you’re tired of wearing the same red color to work everyday, you can try a dark brown lowlight. A brown lowlight looks good on a chocolate shade of hair and adds a subtle touch of color. The contrast between a dark red hair color and a chocolate one is also very pleasing. Dark brown lowlights on short curly red hair create a new color and are a great choice for women with fair skin.