Short Curly Hair Tutorial

Curly hair is a classic beauty and looks amazing when worn short. These cute tutorials will show you how to style it for both pixie cuts and bob cuts, including how to maintain those lovely coils!

Half Ponytail

Ponytails may seem like the go-to look for serious, mature people, but they can actually give an edgy and tomboyish style! Try creating defined curls with a moisturizing product for curly hair or large-barrel curling iron to give your half ponytail volume and fullness. Secure with some bobby pins before spraying on plenty of hair spray; this will ensure that it stays put even while dancing all night long!

Sparkle up your half-ponytail by adding glitter. It’s the perfect look for girls who like to go bold on their beauty; whether you add this look for prom, or just because you feel extra sparkly – it’s sure to turn heads and turn some heads in its direction!

Enhance your ponytail’s appearance by adding embellished headbands or scrunchies. Simply changing up these accessories can take your half up ponytail look from bland to amazing in an instant!


Add twists to your hair for an eye-catching style that reduces time spent washing and styling your locks, while at the same time helping keep it moisturized and looking its best. Twists work well on natural locks as well as fade haircuts; two-strand twists may eventually progress into three-strands as desired.

This style is ideal for those with thicker, curlier locks and is especially stunning when decorated with golden cuffs and beads. Perfect for elegant events such as weddings.

To create this stunning twist hairstyle, part your hair down the center and work a dollop of gel into each section while your hair is damp for easier handling and to avoid tangles. For an additional polished finish, Marley hair can give your twists thicker rope-like twists for added dimension that make them stand out more.

Half Updo

Even short ringlets can look sophisticated and seductive when teased at the crown for added volume. This head-turning hairstyle can help highlight eyes or cheekbones while simultaneously helping balance out a round face shape.

If your curls are too short to form a high ponytail, try this elegant yet simple half updo instead! Completed with some stunning jewelry pieces for added flair, this charming style makes the perfect look for any special event!

Even with naturally straight hair, you can still create a stunning half updo using just a hairband and rolling your locks into a delicate halo. Add flowers for a bridal feel or rough up the bouffant crown slightly for an edgier vibe – this beautiful style will surely impress guests at any wedding or prom! Additionally, it provides the ideal way to achieve the signature Khaleesi Dutch braided look without needing too much volume in your locks.

Headband Braid

Part your hair down the middle and begin braiding one side starting behind your ear, adding in new strands as you go, until you reach the ends of your locks. Use an elastic headband to secure your look; and for added flair add a bobby pin or ribbon that matches your hair color for added flair.

Curly hair is extremely versatile and works beautifully in so many different styles. Experiment with one of these to add some flair to your everyday look or take you from office to date night in style!