When Do You Ruffle a Woman’s hair?

It is a romantic gesture, but the reason behind ruffling a woman’s hair is not as romantic as it may sound. It was a way for a man to introduce a woman to others, or to emphasize how hot she looked. It was also a way to show that you were with her. So when do you ruffle a woman’s hair? Here are some tips. Here are some common situations when women are patronized for their ruffled hair.

ruffled hair is a sign of excitement


A man who ruffles his woman’s hair may be flirting or testing the limits of his sexuality. It may also be a way to make her aware that he’s in love with her. Ruffles can indicate excitement or nervousness. In some cases, a guy may even ruffle her hair as a sign of arousal. Nevertheless, this type of behavior is usually unwelcome.

It is a patronising gesture


Rubbing another person’s hair is not a socially acceptable way to treat an adult woman. It is a rude and inappropriate gesture that smacks of a patronising attitude. Rubbing a woman’s hair is inappropriate in any circumstance, and is a tactic usually employed by older people who don’t consider the behavior appropriate. Younger people often take offense at this, and ruffling their hair is not a good sign.

It is a sign of excitement


A man who ruffles his hair is usually celebrating something, such as his birthday or anniversary, on another person’s behalf. This doesn’t necessarily mean he has feelings for you, as platonic gestures are usually much more innocent. A man who ruffles your hair might be flirting or testing your boundaries. If your man ruffles your hair, he may not be interested in making physical contact, but he may be trying to see if you’re interested.


When men ruffle your hair, they’re teasing you, introducing you to other people and drawing attention to you. They also think it’s cute when a girl gets annoyed and irritable and wants to get closer. Ruffled hair is one way to let people know you’re in a relationship or just want to impress someone. The gesture isn’t reserved for boys, but it’s a powerful sign of excitement.