Red Hair on Brown Hair

Are you shy to try red hair but want to try it? This red-brown shade combines rich red tones with dark chocolate roots for an elegant and sophisticated finish. Red-brown hair pairs well with light and dark skin tones, from fair complexions like copper to darker ones like olive or tanned. Warm tones like copper work particularly well with proper skin tones, while cooler hues such as violet-red complement tanner or olive tones more effectively.

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry hair is an attractive shade that pairs well with brunette locks. This mix of rich browns and red tones adds dimension to your locks while looking fantastic in various styles, such as pixie cuts or bobs. Home color testing with semi-permanent box dye and the appropriate developer is possible. However, you should ensure it suits you by performing a strand test first. Contrary to other red shades, this one doesn’t necessitate bleaching your locks – as the hue only affects the outer layers of the waves. As such, it makes an excellent option for women with naturally dark brown locks. Show-stopping balayage can be an incredible way to emphasize your dark chocolate cherry locks. Professional stylists and at-home experts are available for this service, with guaranteed stunning results.


Auburn is a timeless red hue, perfect for anyone’s hair! Auburn can provide bold new looks while remaining natural-looking as its hue falls closer to the red spectrum than brunette shades. Furthermore, auburn does not fade as quickly as other red hair colors may. Use sulfate-free shampoo and limit sun exposure to maintain its vibrancy! Warm shades of brown work particularly well on light to medium skin tones, particularly neutral and olive tones, though darker complexions may still wear it successfully. Its natural glow adds brightness, while wearing lighter pieces that reflect light will bring even more incredible vibrancy to its wearer’s look – as seen on celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Halsey, and Lana del Rey, who all sported shades ranging from medium rust to dark copper hues.

Fiery Ends

Fiery orange-red is an eye-catching shade perfect for medium skin tones, as its vibrant yet subtle warmth makes an impactful statement. Brown hair especially benefits from this hue as its bronze and copper tones add depth and dimension. Your colorist should lighten your nutty brown locks to give them a fiery warmth that radiates radiant heat. Lighten them using Solaris Lightener 40 Volume Developer until they reach levels 8-9 before applying Pulp Riot Fireball from root to end for best results. If your naturally dark brown locks need an upgrade, why not consider a blended red caramel balayage? It is an effective way of adding a hint of red without overwhelming the base tone, and will bring out your curl pattern more prominently.

Cinnamon Cocoa

Deep cinnamon shades add a vibrant color to any look, from full ombre styles to blended looks like this chocolate and cinnamon balayage look! Try rosy-red tips on light brown bobs, or combine them with more golden tones in an ombre style for an eye-catching seasonal look that can carry through fall and winter! Celebrities are embracing the cinnamon hair trend with ease. Witness Zendaya wearing her rusty cinnamon hue with long layers and curtain bangs, or Jessica Chastain, who displays coppery brown strands to highlight her natural beauty with warm, rich tones. Even blondes can join in the spiced cinnamon hair trend! Just be sure to err towards warm rather than cool to bring out its vibrant tones, according to Refinery29. For optimal results with spiced cinnamon hair color, Refinery29 suggests using products tailored explicitly for color-treated locks, such as L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care Shampoo and Bond Strengthening Conditioner from L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Bond Strengthening Conditioner from L’Oreal Paris.