Ragnar Hairstyles

hair can speak volumes about a man, so it is crucial that he has an appropriate look. Viking-inspired styles are particularly popular among men who wish to channel their favorite TV characters or simply desire a rugged and masculine style.

One of the more typical Ragnar looks

One of the more typical Ragnar looks is an undercut with long locks on top, like Travis Fimmel in Vikings.


Braids are an integral component of Viking hairstyles. And Ragnar Lothbrok’s style is no different. His shaved sides and long top section feature intricate braids which add an eye-catching element. Braiding was an increasingly popular Viking fashion choice as it kept hair out of their face during battle or everyday activities.

Low ponytails

Low ponytails are another great way to wear your hair, offering easy upkeep and versatility across both casual and formal events. Additionally, this style helps frame the face – an added benefit when worn by men with receding hairlines.

Half-shaved ponytail

Alternately, for a more edgy look try creating one with a half-shaved ponytail. Similar to the shaved side/long top style, one side of your head will be buzzed short while the other is pulled back into a ponytail – you could also add a beard for added ruggedness! For this style to work successfully you must have at least shoulder-length hair.


The Ragnar beard style is a bold, rugged facial hair option that emphasizes masculinity and an adventurous, carefree spirit. Usually fuller on the chin than other parts of the face, this beard provides an attractive contrast with shorter haircuts and provides an attractive aesthetic contrast with them. For best results, allow the beard to grow long and allow it to fill out naturally before grooming it carefully for a neat, symmetrical appearance. If it seems dry and coarse, try using beard oil as well for maximum health and hydration of facial hair. If you don’t have the time or dedication for full beard growth, an easier alternative would be a trimmed mustache and shaved sides look.


History Channel’s Vikings series is an epic battle of pillaging, plundering, and fierce hair! Wavy shoulder-length locks which sway poetically to the swing of an axe swing as well as braided beards and mohawks adorn these Norsemen to coordinate their brutality with some pretty stylish dos. Ragnar Lothbrok, the series’ protagonist, sports many distinct looks throughout the series but one particularly beloved by viewers is “Look 5”: featuring skin-shaven fades with long thick locks and a beard, this look should definitely be explored further by viewers. For a more subdued appearance, opt for a mohawk featuring small braids at the front and one large braid down the back, along with adding texture with strong hold hair gel or cream and accessorizing with beard for an authentic warrior style! Floki, Ragnar’s younger brother also rocks this look with great effect.


Ragnar was a renowned warrior and legend in his own right. Additionally, he served as an invaluable mentor to Prince Canute – often acting as his protector and encourager – as well as championing him against any disparaging remarks others made about him and quickly reacting if necessary. Over the course of the show, Ragnar’s appearance evolved throughout. As his career evolved from farmer to earl and finally king, his appearance changed significantly as his status changed from farmer to noble to monarch. Viewers recently expressed which version best captured their character – with many favoring season two’s look as their preferred one. Men who can successfully pull off a bald fade with short top hair is something many can appreciate. This style can look fantastic whether you prefer braiding your own or having one tattooed onto their head!