Quick Weave hairstyles For 2020

Weave hairstyles are gaining in popularity and continue to be an excellent way to add length, texture, and thickness to the hair. These styles are done using hair extensions, such as synthetic or natural weave bundles. These can either be sewn, clipped, or glued into place. Here are a few quick weave hairstyles you can try this year. Weaves can be applied to your natural hair to create a completely different look.

Short weave hairstyles


A short hair weave is a stylish way to achieve a voluminous look. The look is short, easy to maintain, and is perfect for women who want to wear their hair short but keep it stylish. You can wear this look in any setting, including the office and parties. This look works great on women of any age and can be customized with hair accessories. Another great short weave style is the boy cut. This sew-in look can be worn by women of all ages and can give you loads of volume, or a little bit of it.


This style is ideal for everyday wear and provides your natural hair with a break from daily styling. The styling possibilities are nearly limitless. While most people think of long weaves, you can find some adorable short hairstyles this year as well. Sew-in weaves braid down your natural hair so you can wear your short weave as short as you want. In addition, there are other types of short weaves that can give you a modern, edgy look that will still be trendy next year.

Curly weave hairstyles


Achieve an edgy and rebellious look with perfectly curled hair in the year 2020. This style is easy to maintain and doesn’t require any maintenance. You can simply remove the weave if you’re feeling too lazy to manage it. It is also an easy way to skip the hassle of cutting and growing out your hair. These are some of the top curly weave hairstyles for 2020 that are sure to impress!


These stylish weaves will match various kinds of outfits, from off-shoulder cloths to dresses. It will make you stand out in a crowd! To maintain the weave, you should brush it regularly with a wide-toothed comb. Make sure to brush the hair in sections to avoid breaking it. Brushing dry hair can break it easily, so brush it gently. Detangling your hair before shampooing is important to prevent breakage.

Pixie weave with buzz sides


For women with thick hair, a pixie cut may be a good option. A pixie style can help you to accentuate your auburn locks. A pixie cut can be customized to suit different hair textures. A side parting can be done with voluminous bangs, or the sides can be kept short and sleek. A side parting can bring out your cheekbones, or make your face look slimmer.


If you’re an African-American woman, a pixie style is one of the best choices. Its short length makes it look very unique, and the hairstyle can add an edgy vibe if you highlight the hairline. A curly pixie is like an elite version of the modern day long pixie, only in an off-blonde color. It’s a look you’ll want to emulate if you’re black.

Bob weave hairstyles


Curly bobs are the most adorable of the bob weave hairstyles for 2020. They make women look flirty and cute. Adding hair extensions will make bobs appear fuller. Curly hair is very popular in the early 1900s and has recently returned to contemporary hairstyles. Bob weave hairstyles with an unseen part are the most natural-looking options. Medium up-down bobs require very little effort.


This bob weave hairstyle is one of the easiest to wear, as it provides great versatility and creates a ton of volume. Because you don’t lose valuable inches, you can play with length, layers, and color while still allowing your hair to remain in a manageable length. It is the perfect style for spring and summer! Just remember to follow styling instructions carefully. This style can make you stand out from the crowd.