How to Style Purple Pack Hair: 100% Human Hair

Understanding Different Types of Human Hair

There are various types of human hair available, including virgin, Remy, and 100% non-Remy.

Human hair Toppers: A Celebrity Trend

Human hair toppers have become increasingly popular among celebrities and their fans. They add elegance and beauty to any hairstyle and come in a range of lengths, from bob to mermaid-length options.

The Importance of Buying 100% Remy Human Hair

Some sellers may claim to sell 100% human hair, but in reality, they may be selling non-Remy hair that has been stripped of its cuticles. This can lead to tangling and matting. To avoid this issue, look for a seller offering 100% Remy human hair, which is of higher quality and lasts longer, albeit at a higher cost.

Natural Appearance: Styling Ideas

This cool shade complements cooler skin tones and looks great with a blunt bob and full bangs. For a bolder yet feminine look, consider vibrant burgundy red tones. These work well in half updos or with straight locks and create a striking contrast with darker hair colors.

Embrace Your Inner Peacock: Blue to Purple Balayage

This beautiful blue-to-purple balayage is perfect for those who want a standout look. It complements blue eyes and various skin tones and can be styled straight or wavy. The pack hair blends seamlessly with your own texture, giving you an eye-catching Katy Perry-inspired appearance. Plus, maintenance is effortless – you can style it straight or wavy with ease!