Pretty Wedding Hairstyles

Add some glitz to your look with crystal hair clips. These stunning accessories capture light beautifully, working well with various wedding styles. Opt for a side-swept braid with face-framing curls for an intimate yet romantic appearance. Complete the class with some beautiful earrings to complete it all.

Crown Updo

A crown updo could be perfect if you prefer minimal styles that still highlight your features. Combining elements from various other techniques into an eye-catching yet feminine and elegant style, the crown updo will complement your wedding gown perfectly.

This look combines a crown braid, rolled, and tucked chignon into one gorgeous updo, adding an extra dimension. Furthermore, you could use glittery hair accessories to emphasize its charm and glamour further.

This bridal hairstyle is ideal for brides with medium-length natural hair who want to accentuate their gorgeous waves and curls. Pinning curls add visual interest while adding texture and dimension.

This beautiful updo is ideal for formal and traditional weddings, as its style remains timeless and stylish. Additionally, it will complement any dress type, from mermaid or A-line dresses to simple veils or intricate crown looks, to achieve that perfect princess wedding look.


A ponytail is an elegant hairstyle that can easily be customized with small accessories. From sleek styles with beads in your hair to freer-flowing tones with flowers, this look can bring focus back onto your face so your makeup can shine brighter than ever.

Brides with curly or wavy hair can use this style to show off their natural curls without tying up tight buns. Try adding an elegant flower accessory like a daisy chain or similar for an added formal touch.

Long-haired brides looking to show off their length can try this stunning style to show it off. The intricate chignon is elegant and complements your gown’s floral design, while the loose tendrils keep things fun and flirty in front. Add a bold headband for extra sexiness!

Flower Crown

Flower crowns can add an element of natural romance to brides and flower girls looking to add something special to their special day. A height can be as full or delicate as desired, from oversized blooms to subtle green sprigs of flowers and greenery sprigs.

Select a flower or greenery as the centerpiece for your crown and arrange bunches around it, suggests Pro Flowers. Secure any additional blooms you add with floral tape so they won’t blow away, and use an assortment of filler flowers like baby’s breath (gypsophila), poms, astilbe, statice flowers, myrtle leaves, and lemon leaves so your crown appears balanced and natural – these include baby’s breath (gypsophila), poms, astilbe, statice flowers, myrtle leaves, and lemon leaves among many other options.

Once you’ve gathered your flowers and greenery, use wire to form a circle and attach the ends securely to your crown with twist ties or use a floral spray to keep the blooms looking their best for longer.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up hairstyles are ideal for brides who wish to pull back their locks without going full-out updo. Not only will it help keep the tresses away from your face, but you have the option of pinning up certain pieces or adding floral arrangements for an eye-catching, texturally stimulating finish.

This classic bridal hairstyle can complement almost any attire. It looks incredibly flattering with boho dresses and can even be adorned with flowers or feathers for added elegance.

Add an Indian touch to this trendy wedding hairstyle by wrapping a thick gajra around your long braid. This will instantly transform you into Disney royalty! Additionally, this style allows brides without an affinity for flower crowns to show off their stunning ombre dye job in an eye-catching manner.