Plus Size Haircuts 2020

You can get a variety of plus size haircuts in 2020. These hairstyles feature textured, uneven pieces that are brushed forward. You can go with a long layered style, a shoulder-length textured shag, or a shorter cut with bangs. You can choose from different colors to add an extra splash of color. The best part is that any of these styles will suit every shape and size.

Mushroom bob hairstyle


The mushroom bob is a trendy, funky cut that has a retro look. This choppy style is semi-cropped and asymmetrical, and it works well for women who love to experiment with their hair. This cut is flattering on a variety of face shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. During the summer, this cut is especially good for round faces, as it allows for plenty of movement.

Side sweeps


If you are looking for the hottest style of the year, consider side sweeps. This hairstyle has a side-swept look that can add height and texture to your locks. Its shoulder-length length gives it a glamorous appeal and can work well for women of any age. This wavy haircut is ideal for busy women. It is simple and natural. It can work well with any type of hair color.

Ombre hairstyles


The ombre hairstyle has been a popular trend for several years. This style, which comes from the French word for “shading,” involves blending the darker ends of the hair with the lighter ends. It gives brunettes a light blonde feel without the hassle of bleaching. This style is particularly flattering with shoulder-length hair, since blonde mid-lengths and ends frame the face.

Pixie hairstyles


If you have thin hair or round face, a curly pixie hairstyle will make your face look more round and full. Messy curls will add a voluminous silhouette to your face. This haircut looks great when it is wavy. Pixie cuts have many benefits and are versatile. To add even more style and versatility, consider adding highlights to your pixie hairstyle.

Shag haircuts


If you are a plus size woman and want a stylish cut, consider the shag. It’s a low maintenance cut with a cool girl vibe, but you can add a lot of personality to it by using different hairstyles. Shag haircuts are also available in different lengths, so you can wear them short or long. You can also wear them messy. You can try to create a low ponytail if you have short hair, which will highlight your jawline and create an elegant look.

Straight fringes


There are many different ways to style your straight fringes. You can choose between a short and straight style, or you can get a combination of the two. While a straight fringe will cover most of your forehead, an angled style will make your face look shorter and flattering. The right fringe cut for your face shape can make you look fabulous and glamorous. Whether you’re in the market for a new cut or are looking for a fresh one for an upcoming event, straight fringes are a great way to make an impact.

Braided hairstyles


The braided bun is one of the hottest plus size hairstyles for the upcoming year. It is a dramatic and bold look that can be worn with a dress or skirt. Hair color is also an important aspect of the style. You can add a fringe to cover your forehead area for a trendy touch. The braided bun goes well with high heels. If you prefer a shorter style, you can also wear a side braided style.

Razorback hairstyle


For women with large faces, a razorback style can be a great choice. It can be very elegant and has a slightly messy look that will complement your style. Side-curled partitions also make this style perfect for plus size women. This cut will make you look elegant and chic. You can match it with an off-shoulder crop top and a printed palazzo to complete your look.