Plus Size Haircuts 2020

Finding a hairstyle to fit a plus-size woman can be challenging, so finding one that complements both their face shape and frame is essential for looking slimmer and more fashionable. Finding the right haircut may also reduce or eliminate skin disfigurement from previous haircuts that didn’t suit. Layered and textured styles often work to elongate and frame the face well, which makes them perfect for plus-sized women. A layered bob with long side-swept bangs could be ideal as well.

Textured Shag with Bangs

For added texture in your haircut, consider opting for a textured shag with bangs. This style works best on medium-length hair and is easy to style; its layers create a dynamic look that frames your face beautifully. Additionally, this cut can be beneficial if you have straight locks but want more volume in them. The textured shag is an extremely adaptable hairstyle, suitable for almost every style and color. Low maintenance requires regular trims with your stylist; to add an extra boost ask them to use dry shampoo! If you have thicker locks, consider opting for a shoulder-length textured shag with bangs to give your facial structure some definition. Choppy layers will frame your features and emphasize eyes and cheekbones while the bangs can draw the eye away from forehead, giving more focus to other aspects of your facial features. Ask your stylist about adding curtain fringe for an edged up style!

Long Bob

Long bobs crafted with wispy face-framing layers and tousled waves provide versatility and confidence, making them an excellent option for growing out a bob or those seeking shorter cuts that still skim collarbones. By adding highlights or ombre coloring, long bobs add dimension and brightness. Medium-length hairstyles are an ideal way to manage thick locks as they allow it to sway freely and add volume. A feathered cut with lowlights can add depth and contrast, as well as bring out your cheekbone definition. One way to make your long bob even more striking is to pair it with a smoky-eyed look. This style will instantly lengthen your face while drawing attention to your eyes – an effect which is especially flattering on plus size women because it helps define their face shape while counterbalance weight issues. Achieve this look by dyeing your locks dark brunette with blonde highlights or opting for an ash-blonde bob with several lighter strands throughout it.

Long Lob

The classic long lob is an effortless style that suits every face shape. It works particularly well on round faces due to creating an elongated and balanced appearance, while women with wavy hair may benefit from adding caramel highlights for an added warm and natural appearance. Short hair doesn’t prevent you from rocking a classic bob with bangs! Simply add thin highlights for an eye-catching and distinguished look. Or opt for a center-parted lob with curtain bangs or see-through Korean fringe – either look will work well at formal events and evening events alike. If you have medium hair, a long choppy bob can be extremely flattering. This style is increasingly fashionable as it looks both stylish and sophisticated; plus its easy maintenance thanks to choppy edges.

Short Bob

Short bobs with feathered layers create an air of soft romance. Ideal for curvier women with thick hair, as this style gives an illusion of extra volume. These adorable looks are completed by adding warm blonde balayage and an off-center parting for an adorable finish. To add some flair to your bob, opt for a light pink and blue ombre. The combination of colors will highlight any natural highlights in your locks while simultaneously emphasizing the shape of your face. Those with round or square-jawed facial structures should avoid stacked bobs that accentuate widening of their features, instead opting for a layered cut with rounded layers to hug the jawline and highlight their best characteristics. Consider opting for darker hair color options to reduce excessive facial fullness.