How to Do a Pin Haircut

Pin haircuts are elegant, romantic looks that require minimal effort for maximum effect, making them the perfect option for wedding and extraordinary occasion hairstyles. You will need long U-shaped pins (bobby pins) to create a pin hairstyle. For optimal results, these malleable pins should bend easily into an X shape when shaping them with your hands.

How to Use a Bobby Pin

When it comes to using bobby pins, you must know how to hold them properly; otherwise, your hair could get caught and pulled out! If this occurs, use your pin with care, as any mishandling could get stuck between strands of your hair, causing breakage or pullouts. Before opening the bobby pin, ensure that its rounded end (the part that points toward your head) is facing upward. Next, open it so its crimped side faces down. Carefully untangle any strands caught in your pin but shouldn’t have. A comb or fingers work best here. Finally, , you can spray your bobby pins with hairspray or sea salt spray for added hold. Paint them for an eye-catching look or use them as decorative accessories; alternatively, crisscross them like an X for additional security and a fun factor in your eye – though beware not overdoing this as this can come across too twee. Instead, use only a few around your face or in the back of your hair to add interest!

How to Use a Hairpin

Hair pins are long “U”-shaped clips used to secure small sections of hair in place. While not as stiff as bobby pins, hair pins can still be molded into different shapes without dismantling completely – ideal for soft styles that don’t require much hold as well as keeping curls intact. If your hair is too slippery to pin up securely, use a texturizer like Oribe’s Foundation Mist or Surfcomber Tousled Texture to add extra grip. Use your blow dryer to heat the pins for improved adhesion. When inserting a hairpin, be sure to insert it with its wavy side down; this will give your locks a stronger hold and prevent them from falling out. Flipping it upwards may allow for fine-tuning the placement of sections that it holds securely. However, this should only be done on longer hair as otherwise, the pin could easily slip out. If you have short locks, avoid doing this because doing this could result in its disappearance altogether.

How to Make a Bun

No matter the length or texture of your curls, pins can help you create a fashionable updo without all of the fuss. Simply pull all your locks together into a loose, messy bun and use pins to shape it further – pulling out pieces to frame your face or pinning in other directions for an irresistibly feminine style! Finish it all off with some hairspray mist or some decorative hair accessories (if desired). TikToker Olivia Blackwell of @lvblackwell takes messy updos to an all-new level with this clever hack. Instead of using traditional bobby pins that require pressing to lock into place, she opts for one with a flexible U-shaped base instead. This hairpin fits neatly under her ponytail tie at its base, then twisting to keep its placement secure before adding face-framing tendrils for an “I just woke up!” vibe! This look works wonderfully when styling back slicked back ’90s-style buns like these.

How to Make a Twist

Add some sparkle and flair to a low or medium-length pin up by using bejeweled hairpins as decorative accents. They look best on wavy or curly locks and will give your style an irresistibly playful flapper vibe! Another easy bobby pin hairstyle to try is creating a twist. Begin by twisting a section of hair – tight or loose twists are both suitable – before gently laying it against your head and gently adjusting its position as desired. Be careful that none of the twists bounce up against or pouf up against your head as this would void its style and ruin its aesthetic! Fix this by twisting the section again and placing it down, repeating this process until all your hair has been twisted and placed down. Finally, finish the look by spraying Dove Style Care Extra Hold Hairspray over it – an effortless office hairstyle! This approach works well on any length or texture hair.