Amazing Pictures of Layered Bob Haircuts

Layered bob haircuts provide endless opportunities for adding movement and texture to your locks, helping slim down your face without adding too much volume to your locks. Angled layers give dimension without bulking up too much importance in one spot.

Texturized Bobs

Texturized bobs look stunning when worn on thick, straight, or curly locks, while long layered bangs complete the look while providing balance to your facial structure.

Long Layers

Extended layered bobs with soft textures are romantic and whimsical, perfect for women wanting a casual yet stylish look for formal and informal settings. Add an air of drama with deep dark color or create subtle highlights with balayage for added dimension and style. Either way, the layers will frame and flatter your face beautifully.

Medium Layers

Medium layered bobs that hit just past the chin are ideal for framing your face and opening up your neck, especially when combined with a smoky side part and long bangs for an eye-catching look. Opt for shoulder-length layers with subtle color melt for an updated modern style. This style works on all hair textures and can be straight or wavy. Choppy layers give this cut a playful, flirty vibe that’s easy to style. Add highlights for added effect.

Short Layers

Add texture and drama to your blonde bob with short layers for added texture and drama. Style them as either sleek and voluminous bob or softly texturized versions for easy maintenance. Ask your stylist to create asymmetrical layers to emphasize an angular face shape while making your hair appear thicker overall.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers can help slim round faces by creating an optical illusion of facial slimming. Wear them with bangs, side parts, or curled locks for the desired effect. Choppy layers are ideal for medium haircuts. A dark copper ginger hue gives your locks an iconic punk rock aesthetic while you can style your bangs to cover your eyebrows for a modern, stylish finish.

Wavy Layers

If your wavy locks feature natural waves, make them shine with long layers that emphasize them for an eye-catching haircut suitable for business meetings or casual social gatherings. Request significantly staggered layers from your stylist to emphasize the shape of your wavy bob. Accessorize with side curtain bangs for an added playful touch!

Long Shag

This one is easy to style, a modern interpretation of a 1970s shag haircut. Ask your stylist to add feathered layers for added taming of curls or extra texture in the cut. Face-framing layers can look sleek and chic when worn with curtain bangs or longer fringe. Additionally, this hairstyle works well on both wavy and curly locks – add some shine spray for an added glisten to amp up its effectiveness.

Long Balayage Layers

Long-layered hair looks incredible when accented with balayage highlights, making this style the perfect solution for thick locks as it softens its bulk while remaining polished and chic. You can wear this style with a side part, straight locks, wavy tresses, and face-framing bangs for an eye-catching look perfect for any event or special occasion. Additionally, this low-maintenance layered haircut makes your styling easy!

Medium Balayage Layers

A balayage style is ideal for medium-length layered bobs. This technique creates a more natural-looking hair color by painting different hues of brown and blonde into each section of hair. Revelated roots add depth and dimension to this bob, featuring shaggy layers and side-swept bangs that frame her face. Its warm caramel hue blends nicely with her dark brown roots. Bright copper balayage looks absolutely incredible on this long-layered bob. The vibrant highlights perfectly compliment her ashy brown locks, giving her that girl-next-door shine.

Asymmetric Layers

Asymmetric layers don’t have to be overt. This layered bob with curtain bangs offers a relaxed yet trendy take on this TikTok-trendy style. Wear this black bob with face-framing layers swept to one side for an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated look. Style it freshly blown out for a more lived-in finish, or add pieces of texture using wax pomade to achieve piecey texture for a polished finish. Perfect everyday look for professional women!

Slightly Layered Layers

Add an unexpected flair to your layered bob by giving it some asymmetry. Layers with different lengths add movement and texture for thin hair while lessening density for thick locks for an intriguing appearance. This layered bob with texture features a deep side part and face-framing bangs for added dimension. Add pieces-y texture with wax pomade for an imperfect, lived-in finish or style sleekly for an impeccable manner.