How to Choose the Perfect Haircut For Men

Finding the ideal haircut for men involves more than simply telling their barber or stylist, “Take it short.” Factors such as face shape, lifestyle, and hair texture are essential in selecting an appropriate cut.

Choppy Quiff Mid-Fade Haircut

A striking choppy quiff styled into an inward side part sets off this tapered mid-fade haircut for men. Texturizing products helps add volume, which also contributes to its success.


A classic men’s haircut, a combover, or side part, is an eye-catching style that blends short sides and back hair with longer top hair for an eye-catching neckline or side swoop effect. This timeless look can be executed in various ways, but regardless of its execution, it always looks good!

Shorter Comb Overs for Middle-Aged Men

Middle-aged men looking for sophisticated yet preppy looks should opt for shorter combovers. They are easy to maintain and work well when combined with a handlebar mustache or full Verdi beard for an ultra-masculine aesthetic.

Comb Over for Curly Hair

Men with curly hair often opt for a combover as the best way to control wild waves and display their unique curl pattern. Ask your barber to add a fade and shorten both sides and back, leaving the top longer so it can be styled wavily over one side; its unique wavy texture adds extra character, making this style versatile for any special event or casual gathering.

Top Knot

This unique top knot hairstyle for men can make for an intriguing style twist and add something new and exciting to your appearance. Perfect for longer locks with thick or shiny locks, it works incredibly well in conjunction with fade haircuts, as it will help cover up those pesky sides! To create the look, it is necessary first to comb and detangle your hair before making a high ponytail using an elastic band and pulling the remaining locks through its base to form a top knot. Finally, tie both ends of your locks together with an elastic band for extra security. A top knot is an iconic men’s hairstyle that will stand out in any crowd. Perfect for guys with short or medium-length hair, it can also be worn for almost any event and occasion. To add a dash of flair to this simple style, use a pomade with medium hold for added hold and styling options.

Shaggy Bangs

Men looking for an adorable yet seductive hairstyle should opt for this hairstyle. It works best on wavy or curly locks and adds volume and texture. Choppy layers add movement, while short sides can be styled off-center or back-brushed. Although this layered haircut works for any length of hair, medium and long-length hair work best as this style can have retro or rocker vibes as well as futuristic features. This shaggy haircut for men can easily be styled back with just a dab of hairspray for an oblong or diamond-shaped face, drawing out its best features. Choppy layers create dynamic depth while side-swept bangs keep eyes in focus, while an uneven fringe creates movement while side-swept charges add depth. Fringe can either be intentionally left unbrushed and natural or neatly styled for formal occasions; you could even opt for center parting if desired!


This hairstyle creates an effortlessly stylish and dapper appearance, working well for any hair texture and helping conceal receding or thinning hairlines. Curlier men may particularly benefit as its distinctiveness adds an edge and flair to their style; additionally, the hard part helps create contrast between their textured locks and tapered sides for an attractive finish. This high-top haircut with fade is ideal for black men with kinky twists. Shaved sides and back of hair help frame the face for an attractive appearance, while the twisted top hairstyle can then be styled into a tricky part for a polished finish. Perfect for day trips or casual dinner dates – professional advice should always be sought when seeking this type of cut!