The Famous George Paul hair Stylist

You’ve probably heard of George Paul, the celebrity barber who mastered the art of social media, but what is his real job? What’s his social media influencer status, and why is he one of the most popular hair stylists on TikTok? To answer these questions, we’ve interviewed the famous barber, George Paul. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take advantage of George’s talents as a barber and licensed cosmetologist.

George Paul is a licensed cosmetologist and barber


Licensed cosmetologist and barber, George Paul, has been serving the local community for 40 years. A licensed Cosmetologist and Barber, George has cut the hair of several local and national celebrities, including Chuck Norris. He values each and every one of his clients and aims to meet their needs and expectations. He has extensive knowledge of the latest styles and techniques in the field.

He’s also a social media expert


The NBA veteran and social media expert Paul George is no stranger to controversy, but he has also had some bad experiences on his social media pages. While it’s easy to defend gossipy pictures and stories, tweets like the one he posted about Ray Rice are a bit more difficult to justify. The former San Francisco Giants star is a fan of Ray Rice and certainly has a right to say what he wants, but his tweet has already set off a firestorm on Twitter.


After Game 3, George was referred to as the “Pandemic P.” The nickname was a trending topic on social media. It was listed as one of the nicknames in Basketball Reference, and Charles Barkley riffed off of it. George responded to the criticism of his nickname by posting a short message on Instagram. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t vent on social media. I’m not on it to get backlash,” he wrote.

He’s a TikTok expert


NBA star Paul George is a TikTok pro. Several of his videos are viral, and he has a fan base of millions. He first became famous through his hilarious videos illustrating the way he opens packages for his fans. Since then, he has posted clips on several social media platforms. The videos also show George playing with his family and participating in various trends. Then, in December, George unfortunately passed away, due to complications with anaesthesia. He was not just an expert on the new technology, though.


The emergence of social media has caused several tech companies to monitor their users’ activities. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security have both been actively monitoring TikTok to prevent any unrest. According to the report, TikTok received fewer requests for subscriber information than Facebook and Twitter. In the second half of 2019, TikTok received 106 requests for 107 accounts, and handed over the information in 82 percent of cases. By contrast, Facebook received 51,121 requests for subscriber information.

He’s a barber


After his NBA career, it might seem like an odd choice to make a barber shop a part of a star’s life, but a recent incident in Oklahoma City has changed that. A barber in the Oklahoma City area introduced Paul George to the world before Game Five of the 2018 NBA Playoffs. The story began with George visiting a local barber shop, Fade N Up, in his hometown. The barber and the Thunder star hit it off immediately.


Bill Sutter, a lifelong barber with two shops in Oklahoma City, was the one to notice George’s star power. While George has always been a fan of celebrities, the photo circulating on social media did not reflect the nature of their relationship. The barber is no relation to the Lakers or George, and he’s no relation to Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Shaquille O’Neal. His true talent lies in his knowledge of social media.

He’s in NBA 2K14


The hairstyle of Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George is being changed in NBA 2K14 with the introduction of the ‘Curve Line’ shaved design. The cyberface in the game is also getting a ‘Curve Line’ shaved design. It isn’t exactly the same as the real-life George, but it isn’t far off. If you want to get the look of a ‘Curve Line’ Paul George, you can purchase the patch to achieve it.

He gets a haircut at a barbershop in Oklahoma City


Sooner basketball player Paul George is a free agent this Sunday, and his appearance will play a large role in where he signs. The forward has recently taken a step back and changed his appearance, showing off a new hairstyle. He sat down with the Oklahoma City media to discuss his new look. Here’s what we learned. The barber grew up in an impoverished neighborhood in southeast Oklahoma. Today, he has become a go-to barber for NBA dignitaries and even celebrities like Kevin Hart.


As a man, his barber is much like his personal therapist. A man can tell his trusted stylist anything. The conversations are confidential, and they’re usually private. But that’s not always the case. One Oklahoma City barber who goes by the handle “ScissorhandsOKC” is sharing a little inside information about a high-profile client he cuts hair for a couple of nights a week. This barber, who goes by the name “ScissorhandsOKC,” operates a local shop called Fade N Up and has become a favorite of the basketball star.