How to Achieve Beautiful and Magical Pastel Orange hair

If you are a fan of beautiful and magical pastel hair, then you can get this look. You can even go for a darker base to get this gorgeous hair color. Then, you can lighten your hair to achieve a beautiful pastel orange hue. Read on to learn more about how to achieve this look. You can also try this look in balayage or ombre. You will definitely love it! Here are some tips to make it work for you.

Solar Flare


Lunar Tides Solar Flare is an intensely pigmented, true pastel orange. It will give your hair a long-lasting, glowing colour. To achieve a similar look, your hair should be already lightened. However, this shade is not guaranteed to be the same colour on all hair types. It is important to test strands for colour accuracy before committing to the full-length application. The shade may also vary slightly from bottle to bottle.

Ashy vanilla


If you want to make your orange hair look more natural and less neon, you can try ashy blonde hair color. This hair color will complement any skin tone because of its ability to blend warm and cool tones. You can go with this color if you’re looking for a natural-looking result with minimal effort. If you already have pastel orange hair, you can opt for a lighter shade of this color to accentuate the tone of your hair.


You can also use a color corrector that will help you neutralize unwanted colors. These products help to reduce brassiness, equalize porosity, and add maximum shine. You can also mix two or more of them for different shades of orange hair. Moreover, you can also try a hair color corrector that will cover the brassiness of your hair. You can also use a toner with a nourishing formula to avoid any unpleasant side effects.

Ashy vanilla ombre


You can achieve the same result as the icy vanilla ombre for pastel orange hair, with just a few simple steps. The key to the ombre effect is to have patience. As you go from dark to light, your hair shaft is thinned out. Taking your time is vital to ensure that the ombre doesn’t fade too quickly. You can also ask your colorist for advice about the right products and styling techniques to achieve the desired look.


You can also go for a brown and blonde ombre to get a low-maintenance look. This hairstyle requires the use of a sulfate-free shampoo and a heat protectant spray to keep it shiny. Ash blonde to caramel brown ombre is also a gorgeous choice for women who don’t have time to wash their hair often. For this style, you must start with your bangs so that you can blend it into your hair color.

Ashy vanilla balayage


Shampooing your hair with ashy vanilla is an essential step to maintain the gorgeous color of a balayage. The shampoo’s violet toners will neutralize the warm yellow hues that may be present in your hair and add shine to it. It also contains UV absorbers and antioxidants to control the undertones. You can also use it to tone your hair after a color treatment to ensure that your balayage remains vibrant and healthy between salon visits.


For those of you with pale skin, this shade of blonde is a great option. The color is still trendy, so you can experiment with a few statement streaks to achieve the look that you’re after. Another ashy vanilla balayage color is lilac, which is similar to lavender but has a pink undertone. The shade is flattering on all skin tones.

Indigo pastel ombre


If you’ve always dreamed of pastel-colored hair, now is your chance! Try the new trend of pastel colors with a subtle tint. Whether you want to stand out at a summer party or want to sex up your everyday hair, pastel shades can add a lot of character to your look. These shades also look great on naturally wavy hair. You can even use them as a base for pastel braids!


You can also try balayage to achieve a dazzling, multi-toned look. It’s a great way to get a vibrant color without having to cut your hair short! This ombre hairstyle has the added benefit of looking twice as pretty with giant waves! You’ll want to deep condition your hair regularly to keep it supple and lustrous. And don’t forget that ombre is not always a gradual transition.

Punky Colour cherry shade


If you’re thinking of going for a new look, you should definitely give Punky Colour a try. These hair colour formulas are safe for sensitive scalps and free of PPD, ammonia, and GMOs. Best of all, they’re made in the USA! And since they’re temporary, you don’t have to worry about your hair dying too quickly. This article will tell you all about how to apply this hair colour without worrying about the consequences.


If you’re looking to go for a look similar to Palmer’s, then Punky Colour’s cherry hair dye is the perfect solution. When dyeing your hair cherry color, you should use a lighter-than-usual application method. You’ll want to blend the dye evenly, as the result will be a gradient effect. Alternatively, you could opt for a pastel orange shade, such as Ruby Rose, who opted for a royal blue and hot pink shade for her ’90s-inspired buzz cut.