What You Need to Know About Neon Purple hair Gels

If you’re considering having your hair dyed Neon purple, you’ve come to the right place. You can find synthetic hair extensions in a variety of vibrant shades. Here’s what you need to know about neon purple hair gels. Not all of them are created equal. These products vary in price and quality, so it’s important to find a brand you’ll enjoy. You’ll be glad you did after you read this review!

Stargazer Neon Purple hair Gel


If you have ever dreamed of having your hair in neon colour, you’ll love Stargazer’s Neon Hair Gel! This hair colouring gel glows under UV lights, showing off its vibrant colour. It can be applied to the hair in individual sections, or it can cover your entire head! Best of all, it lasts for up to one wash. And it works on any type of hair!


This hair dye will give you a subtle tint if you have dark hair, but it may not give you the vibrant shade you’re hoping for. Light-brown and bleached blonde hair can also benefit from this dye, as it will create a more natural-looking shade. However, if you have more than 10% grey hair, you shouldn’t use this product. Because the shade may vary slightly on different hair types, you should do a strand test before you use it.


Another reason to choose Stargazer is the fact that it’s free from animal testing. All of its hair dyes are produced ethically and do not contain ammonia, a compound gas that damages hair follicles and shafts. Ammonia extends the life of the hair dye, and can also alter its quality. Stargazer hair dyes do not contain ammonia. This means that you can be sure you’re getting the color you want without the hassle of a harsh chemical or hair dye smell.



If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair a vibrant neon purple, you’ve likely seen Orchid on catwalks and in magazines. This gorgeous hue is available in various shades, from light to dark, but is especially attractive on those with red hair. However, before you dye your hair neon purple, you should know what to expect from the process. This post will cover the various tips and tricks you need to keep in mind while dying your hair orchid purple.

Orchid & Orchid


Orchid & Orchid for neon purple hair dye is a unique combination of vibrant tones for a long-lasting, shimmering, and dazzling shade. You can use this dye on dark or light hair, and it’s vegan friendly, too. The dye comes in a convenient powder form and comes in a rainbow of crazy shades. One tub contains enough dye for about two hair treatments, so you can achieve a crazy color on your own. With proper care, you can expect your new hair color to last for up to three months, even without frequent shampoos or conditioners.