Navy Haircut Rules Relaxed


-The Navy recently relaxed grooming standards for male and female sailors.

-Male sailors can now have flattops, faded haircuts, and certain types of sideburns.

-Female sailors have more options for their hairstyles, but there are still limitations.

Facial Hair:

-The Navy is easing grooming standards for facial hair.

-Male sailors can now have flattops, high and tight hairstyles, and limited sideburns.

-Female sailors can wear ponytails but with certain restrictions.

Body Art:

-Grooming and appearance standards apply to both men and women in the Navy.

-There are guidelines for tattoos, nail polish, and personal grooming in uniform.

-Exceptions to these policies require approval from commanding officers.


-Female sailors with natural or protective hairstyles now have more options.

-They can wear ponytails, braids, or French braids without falling below their collars.

-Women can also wear wigs that meet grooming standards and present a natural appearance.