Celebrities With Red Hair

Red hair makes up only 2 percent of the population, so it is no surprise that celebrities enjoy sporting its distinctive hue! Not all are born with it either–some, like Joan Harris from Mad Men and Christina Hendricks from Good Girls, dye their hair red to achieve this look!

Joan Harris from Mad Men and Christina Hendricks from Good Girls

Sophie Turner is known for her fiery red locks as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones; however, this doesn’t come naturally!

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark

Emma Stone has worn various hues of red hair over time, often making a dramatic statement when worn naturally. One of few celebrities able to pull off such an intense hue without looking out of place, Emma has also tried platinum blonde and even black and white wigs when needed for particular roles.

Emma Stone and Her Various Red hair Looks

Amy Adams has worn various hues of red hair dye, from bright pillar box hues to her natural blonde shade. Born and raised in musical theater, Amy also boasts an impressive acting resume.

Amy Adams and her Red hair Transformations

Cynthia Nixon made her mark as Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City, playing her in several movies. But unlike her strong and confident character on TV, Cynthia Nixon is blonde!

Cynthia Nixon and Her Blonde Hair

Julianne Moore from The Theory of Everything and Orange Is the New Black star Madelaine Petsch are natural redheads. At the same time, Jurassic World actress Bryce Dallas Howard sports stunning strawberry blonde locks thanks to her father, Ron Howard.

Natural Redheads: Julianne Moore, Madelaine Petsch, and Bryce Dallas Howard

Even though redheads make up only two percent of the global population, Hollywood is full of celebrities sporting red locks despite this statistic. Some like Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, and Amy Adams boast natural red hues, while others like Madelaine Petsch of Riverdale fame and Jessica Chastain use dyeing techniques to maintain fiery locks.

Celebrities Embracing the Red Hair Trend

Christina Hendricks first gained prominence with her portrayal of Joan Holloway in Mad Men. Since then, she has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows such as ER, Firefly, Body of Proof, and South of Pico, as well as guest-starring roles on Beggars