The Different Types of Hair Extensions

No matter if you want length, volume or both added, there are numerous types of hair extensions available that can help. In this article we’ll go through them:

Human hair extensions are made of real, unprocessed human hair and designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing locks. Curl, tong and straighten as you please. Human hair extensions offer a natural option that blends seamlessly and can be styled using heat (but with caution), washed regularly like your own locks, and dyed accordingly.

Luxy hair offers high-quality Remy human hair extensions designed for an authentic appearance, making creating beautiful volume-rich styles easy. Available in 18 and 22 inch lengths. Perfect for creating natural, luxurious looks!

Synthetic hair extensions are made up of synthetic fibers such as polyester, acrylic and modacrylic that can come in various colors, lengths and textures. Less expensive than human hair extensions, synthetic extensions can last for six months with proper care but cannot be heat styled or chemically treated. They don’t blend as seamlessly with natural hair and have stiffer feelings to them than their human counterparts. Synthetic styles are more manageable and tangle less than natural ones, making them the perfect solution for people not used to styling their own hair.

Clip-in extensions are an easy, non-permanent solution for adding length and volume without making a permanent commitment. Easy to apply and available in various colors and textures, they create a more natural appearance than other forms of extensions.

When selecting an ideal hair length, ensure it stays within a few inches of what would normally be natural for your natural locks. Any length beyond this could look unnatural and even cause irreparable harm to your locks.

Bonds are an attractive option for many women because of their ability to appear more natural while lasting longer than synthetic hair extensions. You can style, wash and dye these bonds just like natural hair with no additional cost but keep in mind they do come at a premium cost.

When styling bonded hair extensions, it is crucial that you avoid excessive heat exposure. If necessary, always use low temperatures with heat protection agents applied before styling them. In addition, always opt for products without harsh chemicals which could potentially harm both natural hair and bonds in order to minimize damage to both.

Wefts are an increasingly popular option among women looking to add volume and thickness to their hair. Unlike tape-in and clip-in extensions, wefts can be sewn directly into your natural strands for an unobtrusive and natural appearance. This permanent solution means no worries about taking them out when your locks begin thinning out!

Autumn Markley Salon stylists utilize human hair to craft wefts that they hand sew into your natural strands for a more natural appearance than other methods, which could potentially cause irreparable harm to real tresses.

To best care for your wefts, always opt for a shampoo free from sulfates and heat styling which could potentially harm thinned strands. Detangle using wide-tooth comb or loop brush before going to sleep so as to prevent tugging which could cause extensions to fall out.