Money Piece Hair application of Hair-highlighters

What exactly is a money piece for Model? Typically money piece Models are a modified version of the ubiquitous face-framing hair highlights which were virtually ubiquitous in the 90s. Rather than using traditional hair highlighting products like gels and sprays, the hair stylist will instead apply hand painted, vinyl-based highlights to that starting from the roots up to the crown. The same color-rich paint is used to create the highlights as it would be used to create any other design. This eliminates the need for the typical over application of Hair-highlighters; the paint is applied without wasting any product which means there is no wastage.

What is Money Piece Design? Money piece design is a bold, sparkling, face-framing highlighting which usually focuses more on your forehead line. Choosing the money piece highlighting will surely add an extra flair to your overall look, regardless of that texture or face structure. This fashionable style is done by curling that in a smooth, straight ponytail then cutting it with scissors in the shape of a triangle, right at the scalp.

Have you heard about Best style and want to know what the money piece is? Many celebrities have been sporting the newest hair fad this season like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie just to name a few. If you love the latest celebrity styles then you are probably wondering what the big trend is and how you can achieve your own look. Keep reading to discover what Best style trend is and how you can incorporate it into your own personal style.

One of Best cuts for women is the money piece. The money piece is an eye-catching face-framing accent which is usually combined with balayage or highlighted Hair. The highlight generally begins at the roots and moves outward to the crown of the head. It may be something from a simple highlight or dramatic contrast or bright contrasting color.