Angora Goats and Mohair Yarn

Luxurious Long Fibers

Angora goats have long, silky hairs that add warmth, subtle color, and a luxurious sheen to knitted fabrics. These fibers can be used independently or combined with wool and other fibers to create beautiful textures.

Concerns with Mohair

While mohair made from the hair of angora goats can provide softness, color, and a halo effect to knits, it can also cause itching in some individuals. Additionally, mohair-blend projects can be challenging to unravel if mistakes are made during knitting.

Warmth and Coziness

Mohair is an ultra-cozy fiber that offers warmth and a lightweight texture to knitted garments. It can be combined with other yarns, such as wool, to create soft and fluffy fabrics.

Durable and Resilient

Mohair yarns are known for their resilience and ability to create durable fabrics. They are flame retardant, crease-resistant, and naturally elastic. Mohair also takes dye well, allowing for various color options.

Texture and Soft Halo

The mohair adds texture, warmth, and a soft halo to fabrics, creating unique designs and knitwear. The fibers are usually collected twice a year from angora goats and processed into yarn for production.

Cost Considerations

Mohair yarn is known for its exquisite quality but can be expensive. However, wholesale suppliers often offer more cost-effective rates for high-grade mohair. Different fiber blends, including wool, are commonly used to achieve the fuzzy halo effect characteristic of mohair.