How to Style Mid-Neck Length Hair

If you have a long neck, layers are an effective way to make it appear fuller and add volume to your hair while creating an ultra-chic silhouette.

Layered Bobs

Layered bobs will highlight your face shape; for instance, an oval or diamond face might benefit from having side partings to emphasize the chin’s contour.

A-line Bob

A-line bob is a timeless cut that complements all facial structures, looking good whether straightened out, curled, or styled wavy or curled. This soft yet elegant style frames your face beautifully while emphasizing your jawline and chin area – an excellent choice for brides! Adding curls gives this cut extra flare.

Balayage Technique

Make your bob even more stylish with a balayage technique to add glamor and extend between salon visits. This method creates natural-looking gradients for a beautiful and glamorous finish.

Ombre hair Color

The ombre technique has quickly become one of the most fashionable trends for hair color. An ombre’s gradual color transition sees lighter tones gradually blend with darker ones; its transition works exceptionally well on shorter styles such as bobs or lobs with more choppy ends.

Rich Blue and Pink Jewel Tone Ombre

Rich blue and pink jewel tone ombre is eye-catching and feminine, perfect for skin tones with warm undertones. However, skilled application by your stylist is crucial for optimal results.

Celebrities and Ombre Hair

Celebrities often favor an ombre shade. Jessie J’s glamorous full bangs look gorgeous with her dark-to-light ombre effect; additionally, this effect reduces the prominence of a pointed chin.

Light Caramel Balayage

Light caramel balayage on dark brown hair looks delicate and feminine, perfect for anyone who isn’t quite ready to go blonde but wants subtle highlights in their locks. Wavy hair may benefit from balayage!

Sombre and Balayage Combination

Sombre and balayage are two distinct techniques that can work together to produce the ideal hair color. Provide plenty of images as inspiration for your stylist.

Deep Mahogany Balayage

Try applying deep mahogany balayage on long, straight hair for an extra dramatic effect. This stunning reddish hue will catch everyone’s attention and make it look sophisticated and classy.

Classic Long Bob

The classic long bob is a unisex style that suits virtually all hair textures. Thinner strands look sleek and polished, while thicker ones benefit from the layered finish. Pair this cut with side partings and swept-across bangs to achieve an adorable feminine aesthetic.

Wavy Bob with Highlights

Enhance your wavy bob with highlights for an added pop of color. Mix a subtle blend of blonde and brown shades for a natural-looking finish that goes well with any outfit.

The Lob Hairstyle

The long bob, more commonly known as a lob, is an elegant hairstyle perfect for thick or thin locks. The versatile length lets you style it in various ways, from sleek and straight to messy and textured looks. Plus, you can play around with color by adding highlights or going for an all-out ombre effect!

Choppy Layered Lob

For thick hair, opt for a choppy layered lob with softly wavier ends for an effortlessly cool vibe. Additionally, add in some balayage highlights to lighten up your look!

Styling Thin Hair with Lob

Thin hair may make styling more of a challenge, but you can still rock the lob with some help from your balayage highlights. Try center-parted lobs with curtain bangs, or add an eye-catching Korean fringe for an eye-catching touch.