Men’s Stylish Haircuts

Cool Bald Fade

An excellent bald fade haircut features a long fringe left to hang loose, ideal for growing out locks while maintaining a polished style.

Comb Over

The comb-over is an adaptable style that works well for men with various hair lengths. It adds flair or maintains professionalism for work or play.

High Fade

A high-fade haircut has a taper that begins higher on both sides of the head. It pairs well with a comb-over or pompadour hairdo.

Medium Fade

The mid-fade haircut provides a contemporary, professional style. It can be accompanied by a side part or comb over and is suitable for work or a night out.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a timeless hairstyle that can have fade or taper on the sides. The extended top section can be styled using products for a casual yet professional look.


The undercut combines the neatness of a faded haircut with an edgy flair. It offers numerous styling possibilities and can create a bold hair transformation.

Brushed Back Textured Low Fade

This style combines a high skin fade with a comb-over to exaggerate contrasts and showcase the combination of two distinct elements. It works well for those with wild, textured hair.

Regular Side Part

The regular side part or businessman haircut is a timeless classic that works on all hair lengths. The sides are cut with fades or taper cuts, and the top can be styled into a quiff or pompadour.