Mens Long Hairstyles 2020

Long hairstyles for men offer an appealing and versatile style option, from rockstar unkemptness to carefully styled variations; there’s sure to be one perfect for every guy out there! Taming thick strands may seem daunting, but with the proper technique you can create an elegant look. Try a soft pompadour style for an iconic appearance.

Bro Flow

Bro flow is an effortless style that lets your locks take on its natural shape, from short length to shoulder-length locks. Ideal for men looking for ruggedly handsome style. Keanu Reeves, Bradley Cooper and Dev Patel have been popular supporters of this look in celebrity circles. No matter the texture of your locks, this long hairstyle for men can work for everyone. Slicking it back with light hold products like pomade or texturizing spray adds an elegant finishing touch. Men who prefer more sophisticated looks should try a soft pompadour. Gents with wavy locks may need to experiment with various products until they find one with which they’re satisfied with their effect. This long mens hairstyle works particularly well when accentuating a chiseled jawline and works great when combined with either a fade or low fade haircut.


An elegant haircut can add character and make a powerful statement about who you are. Men with longer locks may benefit from opting for fades or undercuts to accentuate their features while keeping their style looking contemporary. Styles like this one are perfect for men with straight or somewhat thick hair that tends to naturally fall in one direction. It features shaved sides and long top, creating an eye-catching contrast against your overall look. While it may require some pomade to keep hair out of the way, its outcome more than makes up for its costs! Fringe (known in the US as bangs) is another popular hairstyle among men with long hair, offering the ability to frame your face in style and complement any type of attire. Just ensure to visit your barber for regular trims to prevent unruly, tangled strands.

Textured Waves

If you want a long hairstyle that will showcase the volume and sophistication of your natural volume while looking sophisticated and polished, try this style. All it requires to create this timeless classic is some product to hold back strands into place – the results will surely speak for themselves! If your hair grows clockwise, use a small amount of product to pull back your locks on the right side. Counter-clockwise growth requires parting on the left. Either way, it creates an elegant and sophisticated men’s hairstyle that instantly boosts macho male images. Combine an undercut with a man bun or top knot for an elevated styled look. This combination can be ideal for balancing out thick or wavy locks while being suitable for almost everyone – it also works wonders with bangs which help draw attention away from prominent foreheads or draw focus toward eyes.

Textured Curls

For natural hair textures that tend toward curling, textured haircuts are an ideal solution. You can accentuate their volume and shape using styling products, while they also look fantastic when worn slicked back. To achieve this look, you’ll require the expertise of a good barber with experience cutting curly hair. Locating your cowlick (a spiral of hair that forms near the top backside of your head) is key; clockwise direction indicates left-side part while counterclockwise requires right side parting. Timothee Chalamet’s thick mane is the epitome of this style, which blends classic fade with long wavy hair to add an edgy, contemporary edge to any male look. Paired with beards, it works especially well. The fade frames the face while providing plenty of length in its form of wavy locks for a stylish silhouette.