How to Cut Men With Curly Hair

Men with curly hair have many choices when it comes to choosing their haircuts, from keeping their locks short to going for longer lengths with curls or waves.

Utilize a low fade to add dimension and emphasize your outline, before styling your curly quiff with a dime-size amount of Jaxson Maximus Pompadour Pomade to give it a sleek finish.

Short Mullet with Tousled Top

This modern and stylish haircut is ideal for guys with curly hair. To achieve it, focus on letting the curls come alive by keeping sides and back short while letting top grow out longer; add some fade for contrast if necessary and consider using powerful hair products designed specifically for men to give the curls more of a natural flow.

The short mullet is an engaging style that’s simple and quick to create, great for both curly and wavy hair types. Here, the sides and back are short while the top has high pompadour-esque characteristics reminiscent of pompadour-esque contrast. Use styling cream or mousse to boost volume for added visual interest; this style also pairs perfectly with mustaches or beards!

Short Curly Pompadour

A short curly pompadour is an iconic look with plenty of attitude. Perfect for men with thick locks that hold some shape, thin locks may also work if combed out to appear more windswept. Pomade may help secure and add texture while giving a smooth finish to this classic style.

If your receding hairline makes you self-conscious, adding a fading undercut could help add height to your crown while looking more youthful. Combining short back- and side-hair with the fade can give a distinct boost in youthfulness and add instantaneous height.

This natural-looking men’s chin-length curly undercut features small interlocking curls forming an oval around the forehead and an elegant temple fade that accents top and neck areas. While this hairstyle can be worn several different ways, its most impressive when worn alongside beard or mustache styles.

Short Curly Undercut

If you have thick curly hair, an undercut can help you tame it and create an effective style without being difficult to manage. An undercut keeps the sides neat while its curls add charmingly chaotic layers that add charm.

Use a round brush and blow dryer to define and enhance the curls on this men’s hairstyle, adding hairspray as needed to secure it in place. It works equally well whether worn with or without beard.

Curly shag is an eye-catching haircut that suits most people. The curly locks add an appealing texture that makes the style appear natural and full. Additionally, this look pairs nicely with long top and short sides; style it for casual or formal looks as desired!

Bald Fade with Short Curly Twists

The bald fade haircut is one of the most versatile men’s styles available today. It works on all hair types from thick curls to fine strands naturally curled by nature. Create an exciting modern look by styling with short comb-over or make an elegant statement at formal events with short man bun.

An alternative way of wearing a curl fade is keeping the sides shorter while adding texture on top. This striking style makes an impressionful statement and can also be worn with beard or moustache.

The tangled short curly fade look is ideal for rounder faces. The tangled texture adds volume, making the hair appear fuller. Additionally, this style makes an effortless casual look – simply use some hair mousse or pomade to keep it in place.