Top 5 Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Taper Fades

Men with medium-length hair can opt for taper fades, which create a uniform look with short sides and longer tops. Adding a comb-over can enhance the contrast and style.


The timeless pompadour hairstyle, made famous by James Bond and Elvis, adds height and depth to your appearance. Modern variations incorporate taper fades and beard blends for a formal, eye-catching style.


The elegant quiff hairstyle complements any hair color or length and can be paired with low, medium, or high fades. Brushing the quiff with pomade or matte clay creates a modern and impressive look.


The undercut is a sleek and stylish hairstyle for men with medium hair. Slick back the hair with pomade or gel, and use a blow dryer for the desired effect. This look works well with a blunt cut on oval-shaped faces.

Side Part

The side part with fade is a versatile style suitable for various occasions. It features a hard side part and fades, adding volume and a chic appearance. It pairs exceptionally well with formal suits.


Dreadlocks offer a stylish and individualistic statement. They can be styled by braiding, adding a head scarf, or tightly twisting and tying them back. Dyeing the locks with vibrant colors adds a trendy and unique flair.

Hard Part

Complex parts involve shaving a line into the haircut for a sleek and modern look. This style works best with medium-length hair. It can be combined with a fade or left long for maximum impact.

Brow Flow

The Brow Flow hairstyle, popularized by Bradley Cooper, is a casual yet elegant look, especially suitable for relaxed occasions. It works well with wavy or textured hair, and ombre highlights can enhance its style. It requires minimal upkeep compared to buzz cuts.