5 Trendy Medium Long Hairstyles For Women

Shoulder-length hair can look genuinely breathtaking when styled into a low or topknot bun or with layers and face-framing bangs. This look can be messy or sleek depending on your mood and adorned with decorative pins to complete its beauty.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy cuts with swoopy layers are one of the hottest trends for 2019. From face-framing curtain bangs like Billie Eilish’s to full fringes, they provide dimension and volume to any face shape. For an added boost of style, add subtle partial highlights or balayage for additional effect.

Another way to bring out a saggy haircut is by curling your locks. This style works exceptionally well on women with finer locks as it helps give them a voluminous appearance while looking more natural than straightening the strands.

Try coloring them in a strawberry bronde hue to add depth and volume to your locks. This shade will highlight your crown area and enhance the appearance of your saggy cut.

Messy Waves

Medium hair has the unique capability of holding and amplifying any shade, giving you ample opportunities to experiment with trendy hues without feeling overwhelmed. Take this caramel brown idea: pairing deep warmth with sleek locks creates an effortlessly chic style suitable for work and casual outings. For optimal results, keep shine-enhancing products handy to give your locks that extra radiance!

If your locks naturally curl inward, try styling them in loose waves for an effortless yet beautiful everyday look. This hairstyle works particularly well on medium wavy locks, highlighting their natural texture while creating a full silhouette and making your face appear more expressive and charming. Pair this style with a side part and face-framing bangs to complete this ensemble.

Shaggy Lob

If you’re searching for an updated way to wear your shaggy cut, try this shoulder-length style with face-framing bangs and flipped-up ends. This eye-catching style will surely turn heads whenever you go out!

This gorgeous bob falls below the jaw and features lovely choppy layers to create texture and shagginess, complete with stunning balayage blonde tones that add depth.

Messy styles can work wonders for thick locks by adding an effortless and chic appeal. A wavy, shaggy lob with bangs looks exceptionally stylish on all face shapes – just be sure to use sea salt spray regularly to maintain natural-looking results!

Long Bob

Long bobs provide the ideal style solution for fine hair. A classic long bob creates the look of perfectly defined locks without dragging down your face shape, while adding windswept layers at the front can take it even further and make fuller-looking locks while drawing attention to eyes and face shape.

Add texture and modernity to your layered bob with chestnut highlights throughout, using texturizing spray or light twists for an undone effect. This look works equally well at work or casual events, easily converted into an undone low or topknot bun in seconds!


Knots are a fashionable medium hairstyle that makes a striking impression and adds dimension to any look. There are various ways of knotting them; most facial structures will benefit from this trending style.

If you have thick wavy locks, make the most of their natural beauty with this stunning shoulder-length hairstyle. An effortless balayage color will highlight those beautiful waves while adding depth and dimension to your look.

Medium-length haircuts are an excellent way to add volume without making your locks appear flat. Try this cute blonde bob that touches your shoulders while keeping bangs long, then pair it with ice blonde highlights for a stunning color solution that’s easy to maintain – or tie it up into a ponytail for more formal events!