Finding the Perfect Medium Length Mens Haircuts

Men with medium-length Hair can have some great options when it comes to hairstyles. There are many styles to choose from, such as a layered cut or a side-parted look. Layering adds texture and style to any type of Hair, and it can also be used to add volume to short hair.

Long top short sides

The long top and short sides Haircut is one of the most popular men’s haircut styles today. These cuts can be styled in many different ways and require low maintenance. It is a popular option for both men and women and can add style to any personality. Aside from being versatile, men can use this haircut to look their best.

This Haircut is a classic choice for men with thinning hair. The sides are cropped with a Hair clipper, while the top is left long. Whether your hair is thick or thin, this cut will suit your face shape and hair type. It also works well to hide baldness and receding hairlines.

This medium length men’s Haircut is versatile enough for both business and social situations. The short sides and long top can be styled with different layers and colors to suit the environment you are in.

High top

If you want to look hip and stylish, a high top men’s haircut is an excellent choice. This hip-hop-inspired hairstyle first became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. These days, however, the high top men’s haircut is sleek and modern. A high top men’s haircut is often created by keeping hair short on the sides and mid-length on the top. The short sides create a distinctive high top.

A medium-length haircut that leaves the top and sides longer than the sides is an excellent choice for men with thin hair. This haircut adds texture to the entire head while leaving the sides short. It is often paired with a low-to-mid fade and a short taper to give it a slick, matte finish.

A high top men’s haircut can be worn in several ways to emphasize its voluminous top. It can be worn with a long side fringe or cropped higher, and can be accentuated by using a pomade that stays put for hours. Alternatively, it can be brushed back, slicked to the side, or braided.


A medium length quiff is an excellent style for thick, naturally straight hair. While it may look a little odd at first, this hairstyle is actually very simple to maintain. This cut doesn’t require any shaving, fading, or tapering, but does require semi-regular trims. It works best on medium length hair and adds volume and texture.

This style works well for guys who want to have a stylish, yet manly look. However, it must be worn with some type of facial hair – a mustache, a beard, or a combination of both. To achieve the right look, make sure not to use too much product or leave the hair too wet. For a more unusual look, you can add frosted tips to the cut.

Men can also try a textured quiff, which is a variation of the traditional quiff. The textured version features a loose texture, and a textured finish. It is also very versatile, allowing it to work for a variety of occasions.


If you’re looking for a men’s haircut that will make a style statement, consider a shag. It’s a style that emphasizes the hair around the face, especially the forehead, giving your face a more energetic appearance. This haircut also makes your facial structure more noticeable and adds more construction to your face.

Shag haircuts are layered styles that have a messy, yet stylish look. They’re easy to maintain and look great with any kind of hair. Men’s shag haircuts are a popular choice among men of all ages, hair types, and professions.

Shag haircuts are a great choice for men with wavy or curly hair because it creates a flattering shape while also adding texture and movement. This haircut won’t provide the volume that you’d get with a traditional cut, but it will give you a retro look. It can be worn as an office hairstyle or as an outdoor look.

Layered haircut

If you’re a man with medium-length hair, a layered haircut is an excellent option. The layered haircut highlights the natural curls on the top. This type of haircut is cool, edgy, and classy, and it can highlight a man’s subtly powerful attitude.

This kind of haircut is appropriate for both corporate and formal circles, and the layers add depth and a sense of intensity to the hairstyle. To add more drama, you can opt for golden highlights to accentuate the layers. This style is contemporary, and it also looks great with a comb-over. You can even choose to have a razor fade if your hair is starting to get gray.

While a straight layered haircut looks reserved, it can also look sloppy if you pair it with a scruffy beard. Asymmetrical cuts have been popular among women for at least a decade, and they’re now making their way into the male world. Make sure to keep the front piece shorter than the cheek to avoid looking too wild.

Shag with bangs

Shag haircuts are a popular choice for medium-length men, and there are many different styles to choose from. Depending on your personality and the length of your hair, you can choose a shaggier look or a longer one. If you’re not sure what to get, consult with your stylist for recommendations. Shag haircuts are often considered low maintenance and don’t require much styling or maintenance. This haircut is suitable for most hair types, and will accentuate your best features.

If you have thick, straight hair, a shag style may be the perfect choice for you. This style will give you a layered, rockstar vibe and will make you look cool and stylish. It’s worth mentioning that long hair is going to require more maintenance than shorter hairstyles. Use a sea salt spray or styling cream to prevent frizz and to minimize the risk of tangling. Alternatively, you can leave your shaggy hair uncombed to create a more natural look.

Shag with sculpted edges

A Shag with sculpted edges is a versatile cut that works well with a variety of hair textures. The long layers with sculpted edges will create a sculpted effect on the hair and make the hairstyle appear more voluminous and bouncy. These layers will also help to control the hair’s natural curl pattern.

The shag with sculpted edges is a classic style that has a modern appeal. It has sculpted edges and face-framing waves. It’s longer on the crown and sides and hugs the nape and temples. The sculpted edges create a clean look that is very versatile and easy to maintain.

A Shag with sculpted edges is a versatile haircut that works well with any color. A light blonde or ash blonde will look great with a medium shag. It also complements a wide range of skin tones. The sculpted edges add a sultry feel to the cut, and the long front pieces create a unique shape. Using a clipless curling iron is important for maintaining this look.

Taper cut

Men who are considering a taper cut will want to start by stating the length of the haircut in advance. A good starting length is about two inches on top. The sides and back of the haircut will then taper backwards. This style can be achieved using either shears or a hair clipper. You can set the hair clipper on short or long settings to achieve the desired look.

The taper cut is an excellent choice for medium-length hair because it strikes a balance between polish and nonchalance. Unlike short hairstyles, this cut doesn’t require constant trimming. You can also use styling cream to give your hair a sleek finish. Apply the styling cream while it is still damp and then comb it into place. Alternatively, you can opt for a hairstyle that resembles crashing waves. This short men’s haircut style is a dramatic and sleek look that works well with both short and medium hair.

A taper cut is a short men’s haircut that features longer hair on the top and gradually gets shorter at the sides and back. A taper haircut usually lasts between two and four inches. It can also have many variations, depending on how much hair is left at each level and how much taper the barber chooses to give the hair.