Medium Length Layered hairs: A Complete Guide in 2019

Brown Hair is naturally shiny and deep. A layered haircut will enhance its shine and provide more body and movement. Layered Hairstyles are better than straight ones because they create intricate shapes and are more versatile. There are many hairstyles for brown Hair that can be done with layers. Here are some of them.

Face-framing layers create lift

Face-framing layers of medium-length layered hairs can create lift and enhance facial features. These layers begin just under the chin and draw the eye downward to emphasize the shape of the cheekbones. In addition to highlighting facial features, these layers reduce the weight of the ends.


Creating face-framing layers can add instant lift to the style without requiring any major changes to the rest of the hairstyle. A well-trained stylist can complete this cut in a short time. Plus, it does not come with a high price tag.

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead, a narrow jaw, and high cheekbones. This type of face is best served by medium-length layered Hairs that fall away from the face, creating a balanced facial structure. Medium-length and thick hairs benefit most from choppier layers. Layers past the chin can add body and volume.

Face-framing layers are a good choice for square and rectangular faces. Wispy layers can soften harsh features, such as the long forehead. A side-swept bang is also an excellent option for an oblong face. Face-framing layers can be shorter or longer, depending on the shape of the face.

Messy lobs

Messy lobs with medium length stacked Hairs are a great choice for a low-maintenance girl. They look effortless, and can add a bohemian flair to any look. You don’t need a lot of products to create this look, just some sea salt spray and your fingers. There are many ways to style your messy lob, too, from a loose braid to a half-up, half-down updo. To make it even more dramatic, wear your messy lob with structured clothing to make it a fashion-forward contrast.

Messy lobs are a versatile haircut that can add a bit of extra texture and movement to your look. They look great on medium-length hairs and complement both round and oval faces. The layered style is also a great option for curly hair and is easy to maintain.


Messy lobs can be worn in different ways, and many stylists recommend experimenting with different styles to find the look that suits your personal style. Messy lobs can be worn up or down, and they can be left to dry naturally. This Hairstyle can also be easily styled by using a blow-dryer to give the hair more texture.

Messy lobs with medium length stacked hairs can be very casual or low-key. Depending on the shape of your face, this haircut can be worn with natural waves, with curling iron, or even with random curls. This hairstyle is great for a girl who wants a makeover without making her hair too short. If you are lucky enough to have wavy or textured hair, a messy lob style is the perfect match. The hairstyle can also look great with a side parting.

This haircut is the ultimate in chic undone styles and is a new take on the classic long layered bob. You can create a layered lob by incorporating some face framing layers and curtain bangs. A layered lob looks great on a woman with oval face shape, and the cut flatters almost all hair types.


Choppy layered hairstyles

Choppy layered hairstyles for medium-length hair are perfect for women who want to look sexy and carefree. With layers on the top and bottom, this style gives the illusion of voluminous volume. This look also looks stylish when styled with bangs. Adding a fringe to this hairstyle will give it an even sexier look.

Choppy asymmetrical layers will look gorgeous when tousled, and they will complement your fair skin tone beautifully. They will also add a touch of charm to your medium-length tresses. Choppy asymmetrical layers are also ideal for adding a touch of wavy waves.

Choppy layered hairstyles look great with bangs. Although bangs may seem extreme for a woman with medium-length hair, they add to the overall style. These styles are also a great choice for women with bobs. The lack of length allows the layers to flip up and create a luscious tousled coif.

Choppy layered hairstyles for medium-length hair look sophisticated and feminine and don’t require a lot of time to style. You can wear this style with bangs or without. Choppy layers can be styled in many ways, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a wavy look or a punk rock look.

Choppy layered hairstyles for medium-length hair add texture to fine hair and give an effortless look. You can even add highlights to your layers to intensify the effect. These haircuts are ideal for all hair types, and are great for adding volume and depth to your tresses.

Choppy layered hairstyles for medium-length hair are versatile and can be tied off in almost any hairstyle. Choppy medium-length hairstyles are easy to maintain, and the only thing you need to do is apply a texturizing product for texture.

Low-maintenance style

Medium length layered hairs can be styled in many ways. These styles are incredibly versatile and can look great on anyone. By cutting your hair into varying lengths and layers, you can add body and texture to your hair without sacrificing its length. These styles are also perfect for those with thick hair, as they create a natural, airy look that adds volume without the need for styling products.

Unlike long hair, medium length layered hairstyles are easy to maintain and can add a chic and stylish look to your hair. These styles can be tailored to your face shape and hair type, making them an excellent choice for people who are short on time. The best part is that this type of style will never go out of style. Whether you have thin or thick hair, this style will flatter most face shapes.

If you have naturally curly hair, this style is perfect for you. You can easily enhance your curls by using the right products. You can also use heat free products to create tight, springy curls. The layered hairstyle is also perfect for those with a busy schedule. Just let it air dry before styling it. You can also hand-tussle your hair to separate the layers and add volume.

To freshen up your layered medium length hairstyle, consider experimenting with your part. You can also add waves to your fringe for volume and thickness. However, keep in mind that you should never try to part your hair too much as you can end up with a heavy side.

How to Style Medium Length Layered Hair

If you have medium length hair, consider adding some layers to it. These layers add a lot of volume and make your hair look smooth. These layers can be long or medium length, and you can add them with a straightener, blow dryer, or curling iron. These layers will create a bounce in your hair and look very stylish.

Short layers at the front frame the face

To frame the face, short layers in the front are a great option. They elongate the face and create a sleek look. Medium-length hairs can be styled to have long layers or short layers at the front. Both options will look great on most face shapes.

Short layers at the front frame the face and add fullness to medium-length hairs. These styles are not only flattering but can also be worn with curls. This kind of haircut is a great choice for round faces. It requires less styling and less maintenance than blunt and precise cuts.

Medium-length hairs can also be styled with short layers at the front and long layers in the back. Short layers at the front frame the face while long layers frame the chin. Medium-length hairs can be styled with short layers to soften a classic pixie.

For a more modern take on traditional coifed curls, short layered hair in the front frames the face and blends into long pieces at the back. This style works on both thin and thick hair. If your hair is too short, try medium-length layers that frame your face.

Meshy layers

Creating meshy layers on medium-length layered hairs is a great way to add volume and movement to your tresses. This type of hairstyle is particularly effective for fine-textured hair. The key is to focus the layers in the lower half of your hair.

To create a medium-length layered haircut, start by deciding on the type of layers you want. You can opt for soft layers around the face or bold, heavy layers. Decide how long you want your layers to be and whether or not you’d like them to be sliced. You can browse pictures to see what kind of layers look best on you.

In order to get the most from your layered hairstyle, you should part it in the middle. This allows you to maximize the texture of the cut while also giving your face a pleasing framing touch. When parting your hair this way, make sure that your front pieces are evenly distributed. After parting them, give them a flat iron to add some body and texture.

For people who want to lighten their tresses without cutting off too much length, a medium-length layered hairstyle is ideal. It’s chic and low-maintenance, and will help you achieve a new look. The best part is that a medium-length layered hairstyle can be done with minimal styling. You can even go as minimal as using a texturizing product to add some texture.

Uneven messy lobs

If you have medium-length hair, you can experiment with an uneven messy lob haircut. These stylish hairstyles can help frame the face by drawing attention to the jawline, and can soften the appearance of certain features. They also create a youthful appearance and add movement. They are very versatile, which makes them a good choice for women with different hair textures.

You can use different types of hair products to give your messy lob style a more polished look. One of the best tools to use for this type of hairstyle is the Curl Trigger from AG Hair. This product should be applied to damp hair, and fingerwork is encouraged. After drying, spritz your hair with a Texture Spray, concentrating on the ends.

Using uneven messy lobs for medium length layered tresses can give your hair texture and dimension. They look great with blunt bangs and can also hide a large forehead. You can also opt for a choppy cut to add more movement and thickness. Adding highlights to your medium-length hair will make your hair look even more glamorous and gorgeous.

A lob style is versatile and flattering for most face shapes. For women with medium-length layered hair, it can be styled to make your face look slimmer. The hair length will also enhance the features of your face, drawing attention to the jaw line.

Long layers

Long layers are a great way to add volume to long hair. Long hair is flat at the roots, so adding layers can create bounce and movement. If you want to add even more volume, try feathering the layers around the face. However, do not cut your hair too long so that it reaches your jaw line.

Layers are great for all types of hair. They help create the illusion of length. They also give your hair a softening effect. They are also an excellent way to frame your face. The length of your hair will be proportional to the number of layers. This cut can make you appear taller, but will not make you look bulky.

Medium length layered hairs with long layers are a safe bet and can work for any face shape. The layered look frames the face and keeps it looking fresh and healthy. There are 17 photos below to give you some ideas. To make the style look extra appealing, try curling the ends of chin-to-shoulder length hair.

Layers create a feminine, flirty look. They also add movement and texture to hair. A medium length layered hairstyle can be curled, flipped up, or styled into a messy bun or ponytail. They also add volume and texture and suit all types of face shapes and hair types.

Simple updos

For those with medium-length layered hair, there are a variety of simple updos that can make a statement. These styles are easy to pull off, and can be worn anywhere. They can also be dressed up for special occasions, such as a bridesmaid look.

To create this look, part your hair half-up and half-down. Twist the top section and secure it with pins. Use a double headband to keep the remaining strands out of your face. You can also add a braid or a bun to add a stylish touch.

One of the best things about updos is that they can be created with any type of hair. This type of hairstyle can look sleek and elegant for an evening event, while more relaxed updos can be created for a romantic night out. If you have medium-length layered hair, a half braided updo is a great choice. It’s easy to wear, and will minimize the amount of time you need to spend styling your hair.

Another great option for medium-length hair is a French braid. This updo is a great way to show off your hair’s texture. You can choose to use any type of braid to make this style look extra feminine.