Men’s Medium Hair Styles Straight

Men’s medium hairstyles can be styled in several ways, from pompadours, blowouts, side-parted low fades, or crop tops. For an irresistibly dapper appearance, try the classic pompadour hairstyle made famous by Elvis Presley – also known as a faux hawk – as this elegant hairdo adds depth and dimension. Not only will you look sexy and handsome in it, but its classic pompadour will also do so!

Long top short sides

Long top short, sides haircuts offer multiple styling options. From creating pomp, quiff, or fringe to using hair gel to keep the style in place – there are numerous ways to customize this style for men who wish to add flare and flair to their daily look. This look is especially great for adding flair when dressing professionally for work.

Faded sides

Faded sides and a long top make the perfect combination for an iconic, seductive man look. The soft parts create an eye-catching contour, while the long top adds height and volume to the head. Complete the look by styling this look with a beard for extra relaxed sophistication or wear it with a suit to make an impression – this trendy hairstyle works best on medium-length locks!


If you have thick locks, the classic pompadour style will let them show. The tapered fade keeps things sophisticated; for casual settings, try playing up texture by creating different types of pompadours. Short pompadours require less work than their classic counterpart and are the perfect solution if you need more length to create a quiff. Furthermore, this style works exceptionally well on guys with an imposing forehead or extended features as they help balance these features out. Start by towel-drying hair, applying Grooming Tonic to prevent frizz, then combing or brushing forward and back while working the Grooming Tonic into your roots as you go. Finally, finish it with a Blue or Pink Pomade Grease for an immaculate and polished finish.

Hard part

A tricky part is an ideal style for men who value a sleek and polished appearance. Consisting of a thin line shaved into the side of their head, a complex part creates a striking, eye-catching, and masculine look, complementing fade haircuts perfectly. Growing out a tricky part can be challenging, but getting regular trims can speed up the process, and using volumizing hair mousse will ensure a healthier head of hair! Complex parts are an excellent way to give a classic pompadour a contemporary edge, emphasizing its height while making you appear dapper and sophisticated. Additionally, difficult parts pair beautifully when worn with high fades.


Men with medium hair can benefit from a taper fade haircut, which involves transitioning longer locks at the sides and back into shorter strands on top. This style adds definition and a clean-cut look, especially against dark locks. As another option, try getting a medium hairstyle with long curtain bangs to frame your face and create an adorable feminine style. Pair this look with warm brown highlights and a deep side part for an exquisite style that works beautifully in updos or ponytails. Medium hairstyles featuring high-side details are perfect for minimal grooming. This chic style makes your locks appear as the wind has gently tousled them, creating an effortlessly casual appearance.

Mullet fade

An eye-catching hairstyle for any hair texture, the mullet with fade is a striking choice that stands out in any crowd. A more modern take on classic mullets involves brushing back the top section and faded sides that fade to the skin; curlier hair types will especially enjoy this style, which looks fantastic with gelled-up spikes for added drama! Platinum Blond hair color requires thick locks to look its best; however, combined with a mullet and fade, this combination can make for an appealing style suited to men who wish to express a rocker or mod revival aesthetic. High skin fades haircuts provide a striking and bold appearance, ideal for formal occasions and business casual. Add an accented lineup for extra flare.