The Man Bun Hairstyle

The man bun hairstyle has become trendy among hipsters, celebrities, and professional men. This sleek and masculine style highlights beards while looking sophisticated.


The primary man bun is a timeless style you see everywhere, whether on your favorite male celebrity or in an Instagram photo. It is versatile and easy to achieve, with different products allowing for different styles.


Before man buns became fashionable, guys with long hair would tie it back into a low knot. This style differs from the more common shaggy “full bun” and is more indicative of traditional Japanese culture.


Enhancing the traditional man bun, this style elevates it for work or formal events. It looks best with either high or low fades.


This style is perfect for the free-spirited gentleman who wants to show off his natural hair, especially dreadlocks. Regular trimming is essential to prevent fraying and weakening at the ends.


A high man bun is a sophisticated look ideal for formal events. Men must grow out their hair behind their ears before pulling it up and tying it into a sleek top knot.