Chic Styles For Long Shoulder Length Hair

Long shoulder-length hair offers many stylish possibilities. Create an unruly and tousled style, or turn it into a messy bun! The options for styling long shoulder-length hair are limitless. Add texture and depth to your layered shoulder-length hairstyle by choosing a color technique that compliments both your complexion and hair tone – blonde highlights work exceptionally well for this length!

Messy Bun

The messy bun look isn’t exclusive to young girls – women of any age can quickly wear this casual hairstyle. Channel Princess Leia or Scary Spice with this simple hairstyle! Additionally, add flair with accessories like headbands, ribbons, or bandanas! If you want to add texture to the messy bun look, braids may be just what’s needed to take it up a notch. From upside-down braids and accent braids all the way to double messy buns twisted with braids – they all offer great ways to give this style dimension and dimension. An effective hairspray can keep a messy bun looking sleek even after an exhausting workday. Choose a strong-hold product, such as the ORIBE hair CARE Dry Texturizing Spray from Oribe, that won’t leave sticky or crunchy feelings and makes brushing loose strands easier.

Long Layers

Long layers add movement and texture to any look, from cascading over shoulders or tucked behind an ear to being styled behind one ear. Long layers can also help thick or curly locks appear less heavy or bulky; this style combines near-invisible internal layers with delicate point-cut outer layers for a swooping look. Layers can enhance any face shape but work exceptionally well on oval and heart-shaped features. An extended face-framing layered cut works wonders for showing off cheekbones and lips with soft feathering along its sides.

Side Bangs

An asymmetrical bang style worn on one side of your head can frame your face in an alluring, feminine manner. While this look works with all hair textures, round faces may find it particularly flattering as it can soften features for an ageless finish. The inverted bob is another stunning style for medium hair. This classic layered cut features gorgeous side bangs that can be styled down for an irresistibly romantic effect or worn loose for a more relaxed, feminine appearance. Additionally, this style pairs nicely with ponytails to provide soft yet sophisticated sophistication. If you aren’t quite ready to commit to daily fringe styling, consider opting for a shag haircut for long shoulder-length hair. Shaggy locks have an unstructured feel that works well when creating casual styles with side bangs.

Sleek Down ‘do

No matter the texture of your natural locks, a medium ponytail is always chic and feminine. Ideal for casual outings and gatherings with the girls or formal events. Add side bangs for an added dose of drama. Create a simple beach wave with loose and slightly tousled waves by consulting a stylist, for that sexy yet relaxed aesthetic. If your oily locks get in the way, add hairspray for a lasting hold of this sleek style.

Textured Hair

Shoulder-length hair can make naturally curly locks appear thicker and healthier. Try incorporating an ombre style into the style for added dimension at your roots before finishing it with some leave-in conditioner to enhance curl definition. Textured hair can be truly breathtaking! No matter where it exists, 70% of people worldwide possess some texturized mane (5.6 billion strands!). All hair textures require proper care practices to flourish. Keep your strands moisturized by scheduling weekly, biweekly, or daily hair treatments containing shea butter, oils, or extracts that contain shea butter – your kinks will remain soft, healthy, and beautiful!