The Best hair For Long Lob Styles

A long lob or long-handled bob haircut is a modern version of the classic bob haircut and kind of an offset version of that. The length is often between a shoulder length bob and long hair. It is characterized by a short fringe on the upper part of the hair, with a tapered back and sides. Long lobs look great in pictures with rugged figures or those with large breasts or faces. Read on to find out about this latest fashion haircut.

Long Lob Styles

Long Lob styles are one of the most common forms of hair cut that you can see around many women today. A long lolly bob or long lob is simply a variation of the regular bob haircut and long design. The length varies from a shoulder length to a full head of hair. Long lobs can be seen on women that don’t necessarily have short hair, but it’s a great haircut idea for those who do. Here are a few things to take note if you’re planning on getting a long lob style.