How to Style Long hair Over 70

Long Loose Curls

Long loose curls are a timeless look that looks stunning on women of all ages, including those over 70! To complete the look, pair this timeless hairstyle with a soft honey blonde hue for an effortlessly stylish and youthful aesthetic.

Wispy or Layered Bangs for Short Hair

If you have short hair, try wispy or layered bangs to frame your face and add extra volume. This feminine yet easy-care cut works particularly well for fine or thinned strands.

Messy Updos

Hairstyling at 71 can make all the difference in how effortlessly chic you appear. For an everyday casual style, choose a low ponytail with side bangs – this beautiful look frames your face while adding volume to thinned locks! Or go bolder and try a faux hawk bob in a color like Judi Dench has worn.

Layered Bob and Loose Waves

A layered bob is an easy and timeless haircut for older women. To add dimension, curl your hair using a curling iron for loose waves in your bob. Put a side part into your bob to instantly create a more casual, vibrant style – Lynda Carter (71 years old) has this look down pat! It also looks fantastic when paired with fringe.

Soft Curls and Curtain Bangs

By adding soft curls to your hair, you can create an alluring feminine yet mature appearance. Pair this style with a face-framing fringe which draws attention to your eyes and emphasizes cheekbones for maximum effect.

Long Bobs with Soft Waves

Long bobs with soft waves are another stunning hairstyle for women over 70. Their face-framing layers enhance facial features while adding volume. This look can also work great for those with straight locks looking to add some texture to their style.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are an excellent choice for anyone with salt-and-pepper hair who wants a stylish, easy, and flattering style that requires little maintenance and care. This particular cut features longer face-framing pieces which can be styled several ways for added versatility.

Subtle Tint and Textured Pixie

If you want a touch of color in your locks, consider a subtle tint like this lilac pixie. The subtle shade will lift and refresh your strands and keep them looking youthful and lively. Not everyone with thin hair opts for shorter styles; however, this textured pixie with side-swept bangs shows you don’t have to commit to a bob to look stylish. The texture adds volume and definition while the bangs frame your face beautifully while covering forehead wrinkles. With subtle fading on the back and sides to maintain this sleek and sophisticated style – yet without looking too tomboyish.

Side Part

The side part is an elegant classic style that’s easy to manage and flattering on women over 70. Perfect for both casual and formal events, this look works with either curly or straight locks and can even incorporate hair wax for texture that helps maintain it throughout. If you have long, thick hair, consider opting for a timeless shoulder-length cut with side parting and piecey bangs. This timeless style looks great no matter the color of the hair! It can even be worn straight.

Sleek and Chic Side Part

This sleek and chic hairstyle works well for oval, round, or oblong face shapes. Featuring a low fade and side-swept pompadour for an aesthetic balance and polish, the side part can match the flow of your cowlick or can even be concealed for more discreet appearances. Additionally, its contrast to the subtle mop on top makes this ideal for any event or special occasion.