5 Hair Trends For Long hair Over 60

Hair can make or break an otherwise perfect outfit. An excellent cut can accentuate her features, while an improper one could change it entirely.

Finding a long hairstyle that complements you is critical. Cher, for instance, still sports waist-length raven locks at age 60! Meryl Streep also favors this classic vintage style, which looks beautiful on her.

Lilac and Blonde

– Lilac pastel hues look stunning when applied to medium brown locks, instantly adding 20 years off your age! Just ensure to maintain them with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

– Bright lilac hair color offers striking dimension for blondes. Wella’s demi-permanent shade 0/68 20 parts 10/0 will help achieve the ideal hue when applied on pre-lightened locks.

– Explore this beachy look to add a seaside-chic aesthetic ideal for warmer months. It pairs beautifully with any hairstyle, from a short bob to a long wavy mane.

Money Pieces

– Money pieces offer an effortless glamour with minimal upkeep requirements, making this hair trend ideal for busy modern lifestyles. Also referred to as bold face-framing highlights, this effortless balayage technique involves tinting some front-facing strands of your hair in lighter tones to add brightness and dimension around your face.

– Gibson notes that this trend works best on blondes with center or side-parted styles, but it can still work on wavy or curly locks if selected randomly. Finding an appropriate hue to suit your complexion is critical; for those with blush or blue undertones, he suggests choosing something cooler-toned, such as lavender, to avoid looking like a clown!

Long Shag

– The shag is an ideal style choice for long hair over 60, as it can be tailored specifically to suit your personal preferences and face shape. This long-layered shag with curtain bangs is exceptionally versatile. It makes a statement with its thick upper and wispy lower layers that create dynamic contrast that draws attention to your facial structure.

– If you’re a bohemian beauty, ask your stylist to add blonde balayage or baby lights for an effortless 90s throwback look. Or go even bolder by giving your locks a bright orange hue for an eye-catching rock star effect.

– This shag’s choppy-layered finish is easy to maintain with just a spritz or two of sea salt spray and a dab of Davine’s Oi oil, while you can curl your layers for a more voluptuous and gorgeous coif.

Vintage Waves

– Vintage Waves are an attractive way to elevate a classic bob. This wavy style adds volume to your face and has feminine undertones; deep side parts and defined coils give this look Brigitte Bardot-esque qualities.

– Short hair may not be ideal for older ladies, but having thick, long locks is something to be celebrated! If your locks have the beauty to show off, consider getting them permed and adding vibrant hues so they stand out even further!

– This lilac-gray hairstyle will have everyone staring. Adding feathers in front of your strands makes this look red-carpet-worthy!

Inverted Bob

– A short inverted bob with shorter stacks through its strands can elongate your neck and face while softening a square jawline. An effortless style to maintain and style for fun flirtiness!

– Peekaboo highlights can elevate your bob to new heights. Experiment with different hues ranging from warm brown shades to lighter blonde tones to create an eye-catching palette that looks utterly personal to you.

– Layers can be the saving grace for thick hair, as they help shed extra weight while balancing lightweight ends. Ask your stylist for choppy, shaggy layers for maximum volume in this inverted bob style.

High Ponytail

– Ponytails are timeless hairdos that suit almost every occasion, but if you want to elevate your everyday look further, try switching it up with a high bun with face-framing bangs – this style reveals feminine features while pairing beautifully with classic berets and other accessories.

– If your long hair features fine strands, using texturizing spray or dry shampoo to add volume will create a flawless and polished look that draws attention to your makeup and distinctive cheekbones.

– For an elegant touch, tease the hair near the ponytail base to add volume. This will also create a sleek appearance, which will flatter both neckline and shoulders.