Extended Hair Highlights – The Perfect Way to Lighten Up Your Look

Highlights can be the perfect way to refresh your look when done correctly, adding subtle or vibrant highlights depending on your style and hair color.

Highlights can be very low-maintenance if you follow the proper aftercare steps after leaving the salon. Here, learn all that you need to know about extended hair highlights!

Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights have made a comeback after briefly becoming fashionable again, featuring large sections highlighted with highlights to create contrast with natural hair color and look fantastic on curly and straight locks. Different highlighting techniques like balayage or ombre can be employed to create this effect, depending on the desired look.

Brown hair with chunky blonde highlights can create an eye-catching contrast that is subtle and sophisticated, perfect for brunettes who don’t want to go blonde but still desire some dimension in their mane.

Pink chunky highlights are an in-demand trend that can turn any girl next door into an alluring femme fatale. This high-contrast hue looks fantastic when applied to long strands that frame the face – perfect for creating the illusion of feminine fatality!

Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow hair is an eye-catching way to showcase one’s inner child. Vivid magenta, blue, aqua green, peacock teal, and yellow-green hues add vibrancy and playfulness to a long pixie haircut for an irresistible pastel appearance.

If you’re not ready for full rainbow hair color, peekaboo highlights can add splashes of color. This coloring technique hides rainbow strands beneath natural locks for professional settings – making this option easier than going all out with rainbow dyeing!

If you want your rainbow hair to pop, use a tone-correcting shampoo specifically designed for blondes. These types of products work to neutralize brassy tones on the warmer orange and red spectrum so your hues stay vibrant. They’re also an excellent solution for grey-haired babes looking to maintain deep locks!

Grey Highlights

Gray highlights add an edge and modernity to blonde locks, adding an eye-catching edge that gives off an alluring yet seductive aesthetic.

An effective way to add grey highlights is through the herringbone technique, which involves layering different light and dark hues into the existing base color to form an irregular design that celebrates gray rather than covering it up.

This technique is ideal for clients who wish to keep their natural gray strands yet desire a more polished look by highlighting. Be sure to recommend color-preserving shampoo and conditioner, such as Kenra Color Maintenance Shampoo and RUSK Sensories Brilliance Protect Leave-In Conditioning Treatment, to keep their highlights lasting as long as possible and explain that frequent touch-ups may be required when highlighting.

Green Highlights

Green highlights look beautiful when added to blonde locks as they add an eye-catching splash of color that easily blends in with the natural hue. However, a professional must be a professional who specializes in coloring bleached locks must be employed so the green tinge doesn’t oxidize too quickly and turn your beautiful locks bluish in hue.

For an eye-catching style, why not give lime green hair color a try? This vibrant hue adds an eye-catching, sassy edge that will turn heads. Long wavy locks look incredible when styled this way and will get plenty of attention!

Do you need to see how new hair color highlights will look before the plunge? Download and launch the free YouCam Makeup app – make sure Makeup Cam is turned on – to try on over 150 different hues virtually!


The balayage hair-highlighting technique involves painting natural-looking highlights onto your locks freehand using paint instead of foils or ombre, enabling your stylist to achieve sun-kissed hues that envelop and frame your face.

Contrary to traditional highlights, balayage leaves no noticeable regrowth lines and is easily refreshed with a toner. Furthermore, your hair will grow out with less noticeable fade than other methods, giving you more extended periods between touch-ups.

Be sure to select a soft, neutral blonde shade when choosing your balayage shade so it won’t turn brassy and orange over time. A quality color care regimen utilizing sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will ensure it remains vibrant and shiny; remember to use an appropriate UV protection product when heading outdoors, as this will prevent fading, damage, and dryness!