Little Boy Braid hairstyles

There are several different types of braid styles for little boys. These include Cornrows, Mohawk, Fishtail, Crown, and more. Let’s explore some of the most popular styles for boys. Depending on your child’s age, you may want to combine more than one braid style. These will give your child a unique look, one that matches his personality and style. The best part is that he’ll never know that he has hair in a ponytail!



A great braid style for boys is cornrows. This low-maintenance style looks great on boys of all ages, and it can be worn any time of the day. For little boys, small rows on the top of the head in a line-up will look cute no matter what the occasion is. If your child gets bored with the pattern, you can change it up by adding new plaits as your child grows.



A Mohawk hairstyle for little boys can be both fun and trendy. These styles don’t require a lot of effort and are very easy to maintain. If your child already has a great head of hair, you can dye it a different color for some extra flair. The hair grows back fast, so you don’t have to worry about having your child wash it regularly. A temporary hair color spray will also work perfectly for Halloween or spirit day at school.



This little boy hairstyle is a fun way to spice up the child’s style! You can use two different braid patterns and make them your own: tight and loose. The two images above show the tight and loose style. You can also get creative and embed symbols into the braids. This is a unique and fun way to draw attention to your child during special occasions! Here are some tips for braiding hair with your child in mind.



If your little boy has long hair and doesn’t have enough length to wear a tiara, consider creating a circle braid. This style makes it look like the head is crowned. You can braid the hair in a circle, leaving no gaps at the top, and you can secure the braid with an embellished bobby pin. Alternatively, you can use a braiding comb to create a perfect circle braid for your little boy.

Fishtail with bangs


If your little boy has a short hairstyle, you can braid it. Most little boys look good with this look, and it requires less effort than a ponytail. You can also use styling products to make the braids look more secure. Regardless of the length of your little boy’s hair, you can find a braiding style that works for your child’s face shape and style.

Ginger head


If you’re looking for a fun and unique hairstyle for your little boy, try one of these adorable ginger head braids. They’ll look adorable on little boys of all ages! These styles require a little bit of practice, but will make you look as cool as your kid! And if you have thick hair, you can get away with a longer style! Then, add some sea salt spray to your hair to create those perfectly imperfect beach waves!

Mohawk with bangs


The Mohawk with bangs for little boy haircuts can be styled with very short or medium-length hair. Short layers make it easy to maintain this look, but the hair must be shorn at the tip of the ear. The sides should be swept up half an inch from the eyebrows. The side swept style is a nice alternative to the Mohawk, but may not be appropriate for boys with round or oval faces.

Crown braid with bangs


A crown braid with bangs is a classic and elegant hairstyle for children. The style shows off your little boy’s adorable fringe while giving him a grown-up look. It’s an excellent choice for yearbook photos or church, as it makes a perfect combination of two different looks. You can also create a crown braid on one side of your child’s hair by wrapping an elastic band around the lower part. This hairstyle also looks great in half-updo style.