Cute Little Black Girl Hairstyles 2019

Braided updos look adorable on kids with both natural and straight locks. Add a cute flower clip as an accessory to make it more lovely!

If she lacks the patience to style cornrows, a textured puff updo may be her next best bet – it’s perfect for 4c textured hair and super easy to recreate!

Pigtail Twists

Whether your little black girl has chemically processed hair or naturally grown strands, these cute back-to-school styles will help her show her stylish side. Take inspiration from young black performers like Willow Smith for natural tones; try an original take on the classic mohawk look for chemically processed locks.

If she prefers more classic styles, try opting for pigtail ponies as an easy and carefree hairdo option that exudes charm. Pigtail ponies also add an irresistibly fun aesthetic that adds personality and charm.

High Bun

Sleek, taut ponytails and braids look incredible on young black girls, making them stylish yet easy to maintain and promote hair health and growth. The key to successfully styling such styles is using a satin bonnet at night and applying hair oils regularly.

Another adorable hairstyle is a high-side ponytail. This look features tiny face-framing strands for added dimension. Additionally, this style works great on type 4 hair; divide off an area using a rat tail comb before gently combing through.

Flower Clip

Braiding is the ideal way to highlight your girl’s natural hair, whether using homegrown locks or purchasing a weave and hiring professional braiders to do it for her.

You can add braided bangs to cornrows for an adorable and feminine style for formal events. This looks especially cute on dense hair. Additionally, you could add beads for some added flare.

The half-Tie hairstyle is another elegant braided look that looks fantastic on any hair. This style involves two micro braids on either side of her head that meet at the back, creating an eye-catching half-tie at its center. Perfect for pairing with white dresses.

Braided Hair

If your little girl loves her natural locks, she can show off her creative side with a braided mohawk! It will look elegant yet youthful to show off her creative side!

This adorable hairstyle is ideal for children with long, thick locks. It can be achieved easily using tools such as rat tail combs, Kanekalon hair packs, detangling combs, and children’s hair oils.

Little black girls with hair should consider wearing their locks in a high-side ponytail with a decorative tie. This look is adorable and easy to maintain – moisturize their scalp before bed and protect it with a satin bonnet for optimal protection.

Natural Hair

Regarding cute hairstyles for black kids, nothing beats natural locks in braids or twists as an adorable statement of cuteness. This style makes a low-maintenance statement, allowing them to prepare for school or special events without much hassle quickly.

Add some flair and cute bows for extra flare with this fun spin on the classic ponytail for your little princess! A high puff hairstyle will look adorable for tender-headed toddlers and requires little in the way of maintenance besides moisturizing.


If your little girl has curly locks, give them an adorable yet simple style with a flower clip to complement their natural beauty and add flair for any play date or special event. This style adds the perfect pop of color for special occasions like play dates.

Stitch braids are an eye-catching yet protective style, perfect for black girls. Easy to maintain and customizable with beads or elastics, stitch braids look amazing on kids!

Mini afro looks are perfect for toddlers with very short hair. Their high puffs make keeping out of their eyes easy while looking stunning for special events and celebrations.


An easy yet beautiful hairstyle for young black girls is a sleek ponytail or braid, no matter if their natural locks or some extensions are in place. Your girl will feel like royalty all day long with this style!

A high-side ponytail makes an eye-catching statement and takes just minutes to achieve! Plus, adding decorative hair ties or bows only takes minutes more.

If your daughter likes playing with her hair, you can give her some playful cornrows with some Bantu knots for texture – it will make her stand out in any crowd!